Things I Noticed At The Game

  1. People in Hamilton have become afraid of rain. I drove in from Cambridge while my son drove in from Hanover. Not only were +5000 seats unsold, it looked like half of the announced crowd stayed at home.

  2. You can sure see where the police are when they wear those fluorescent yellow raid slickers.

  3. There was a guy in front of us with a Craig Yeast Jersey. I didnt know anybody HAD a Craig Yeast jersey. I didnt know that I would remember that Yeasts first name was Craig. Most of all, I didnt know that Yeast was still playing ball- AFL2!

  4. Oh yeah. The entire D-line needs to be airlifted to an icefloe off the Antarctic coast.

Rain did account for many empty seats, that's true.

There are other reasons as well:

  1. It was a Thursday nite
  2. Thursday nite in the summer (lots of people on Holidays during the week)
  3. Calgary is always a poor draw

Can we all admit, other than 3 good runs this season, chevy walker is brutal.

Take away those 3 good runs on the year, he averages 2 yards per carry and is the worst blocking RB in history.
Always leaves the offence in 2nd and long.

Sick of seeing this guy.

Walker is no the problem. The Oline is brutal, this team hasn't had a decent OLine since 1999. Run blocking is non-existent.

You mean two big runs, because one of those runs was actually a screen pass that he took 95 yards. But even if you take out his two long runs, he's averaging slightly more than four yards per carry, not the two you claim. Still nowhere near good enough, but not as bad as you are trying to lead people to believe.

There are holes in his game, and I wish the team would activate Avon Cobourne and use him in tandem with Walker, but I wouldn't sit Walker. The things he isn't very good at are things you can only get better at by playing. I think of all the things wrong with the team right now, running back is far down the list.

I think you're exaggerating on the 2 yards part. But it's true that his rushing average has been below 5 yards in each of the four games where he didn't break a long one, including two games below 4 yards.

The contrast couldn't have been greater last night, watching how a steady flow of 8 and 10 yard runs (i.e. Cornish) can decimate a defence.

I'd still like to see Avon in the game.

The good news: the team is already in playoff form.

The bad news: it's the form they showed in last year's Eastern final in Winnipeg.

Subtract his 1 good run last night and he averaged 2 yards per carry. Seems to me, that is what he usually gets...but if one of you actually did the math for the season, and say he got 3 or 4 yards per carry, my point is still made: the guy is crap!

Any play that the ball isn't in his hands, he gets beat on the block so easily. He NEVER EVER puts down an effective block, which makes Burris rush his throws.
You people can choose to ignore it all you want, but Walker is a huge part of the problem. Open your eyes.

Hi Guys..... Not to be a downer on the good conversation, but I was hoping that people who went to the game itself might add their own observations on this thread. The stadium crowd was in an odd mood last night- weather or what, I'm not sure.

Three procedure calls in about 5 minutes from Diles
Stala stepping out of bounds 4 yards short of a first down and not realizing it
Walker looking very "Cobb like" on his interior runs
Moving Webb to linebacker when they have Eiben on the bench
Ten yard passes in the last minute when they needed a fast touchdown to have a chance to win
Stala either turned the wrong way or was not ready on two passes
Williams botched punt return resulting in a Calgary field goal
The defensive line looking like a Chinese fire drill in setting up

What a mess

I stayed home because I had other things to do, not so much because of the rain. Saw most of the game on the big screen in the comfort of my own home as I'm sure many other did.

I don't think Walker is as bad as you say, he just isn't being used correctly. I don't think he is really an interior running back, but they continue to set him up as a feature back and run on first down between the hashes. Cornish looked so good because Calgary mixed their plays in much better. Walker needs to get the ball on the outside where he can use his speed. Why the Ti-Cats didn't run a ton of screen plays when Calgary blitzed is beyond me.

What I noticed most last night was Calgary appeared to be stronger after having a week off (they played hard, had some new plays, had good execution (particularly in the 2nd half), exploited the Ti-Cats weeknesses, and shut down their strengths), while the TiCats appeared to be rusty after the week off (didn't show anything new, had poor execution, lots of penalties, appeared unorganized, and got beat up (Nik Lewis demolished Peach with a block)). Hopefully they will play better against Eastern teams the next couple of weeks.


oh, and one more thing; has sam giguare done anything notable all season? seems he is really fast but cannot catch a football....which makes him useless.

No math, just this link: (click on the "2012" in the Rushing table)

His momentum carried him out - there's no way he catches that ball without going out of bounds immediately afterwards.

So why do you throw it there when you have no chance of the first down

Now that's a completely different question. Wet ball, perhaps? Burris looked like he was having trouble with his accuracy all night.

It definitely looked like Stala would have been close to the first down, but then had to adjust to the football, taking him short and to the sideline.

My wife has been screaming this since week 1!

A Cobourne-Walker tandem would be ideal. Walker has great qualities, but he's not a complete running back. You need someone to grind out tough yards on the ground, and someone who can block effectively for Burris. That someone is Avon, not Walker.

Any criticism of Walker is so ridiculous, it barely warrants a response.....the league leader in yds from scrimmage....12 yds behind the league lead in rushing.....league leader in tds.....all in his FIRST 6 GAMES as a pro!!!!!

A threat to go the distance on a pass or a run from anywhere on the field....the most spectacular debut in years....and some uneducated fans come on here and bash HIM?
Obviously not knowledgable football other explanation....

He can't get the "tough yards"....what a joke!!!....last time I checked....90 yd runs were "tougher" than 3 yd runs.....


Walker has played some very good football, but he's not a perfect player. There are holes in his game just like any other rookie. He's not a great pass blocker (and I think I'm being generous there) and he does seem to be boom or bust on his runs. He has areas that he needs to work on, and pounding out the two-, three-, four-yard runs when the team needs them is one area. It's an area that Cobourne excels at. I'm glad the team has an explosive player like Walker on the squad, but there are things that Cobourne does better just based on experience and the type of player he is compared to Walker. I think the two of them would compliment each other very well and the team would be better off with both of them playing. That's not a knock on Walker, just an honest assessment of what he does well and what could be improved on with both he and Cobourne in the lineup.