Things I noticed at Commonwealth

During warm ups, (I do like to watch them) I did not see Setta even attempt to kick a FG. The only practice I saw him do was punting into a net. Could this be part of the reason he missed the first FG?

Dwight Anderson seems to be a little bit of a jokester. He and Richie Williams were doing an Egyptian dance imitation initiated by Anderson.

Nautyn McKay-Loescher was doing his own warm up off by himself while the rest of the team was going through their drills.

During the game, between plays, Nick Setta, on more than one occasion, bounced a ball off his knee high enough that he could then bounce it off his head. He caught it every time.

Not sure if any of this was shown on TV, but after one of the blatant non calls for pass interference the Ti-Cat coaching staff were all over one of the officials. This went on for a couple of plays.

The 11 year old girl who sang the National Anthem did a phenomenal job. What a great voice she has.

I’m sure there is more that I can add to this but it’s late and I can’t think of anything else right now.

Interesting that you never saw Setta kick a warm up field goal.

Could he be hurting from that third down gamble where he ran and got pounded out of bounds by the Bombers .

I don't like seeing kickers run and get hit by a couple of Linebackers ,only run for the open field or out of bounds ,bet the coaches regret that call.

Or,he probably warmed up earlier on when you weren't in the stadium?

Quite often Nautyn Mc Kay Loescher can be seen at practice
in his free time working on agility drills on his own.

He twists and spins in and out between 4 tackling dummies
swinging his arms at each dummy slamming it to the side.

I would say he wants to be a big time sack leader.

Practicing these techniques is the way to do it.

Ron, that is exactly what he was doing. I just thought it was a tad strange that he separated himself from the rest of the team to do this.

It's possible Setta kicked a few before I got there, but when I did get there, I looked for him right away to see how far he could be kicking on natural grass and he wasn't even out there. In fact only the offence was out of the locker room an hour before game time. The defence and Setta joined them about five minutes later.

McKay was the only D-Lineman earning his pay last night...again.

We can stop the run, but our pass rush absolutely stinks.

I didn't really like that play call. While I loved the effort he showed to try to get the first down, which was a lot of yards, taking the chance to injure our only(?) FG/punter is not something I would have done. If the distance had of been a bit shorter, perhaps.

Now that you mention it, I was at the Blue Bomber game and didnt notice Setta attempting field goals in warm up. Just practicing his punting.

I might just be his routine....I dunno

Maybe he has changed his routine. At the McMahon Stadium back in June he was practicing FG's before the game. His distance was very impressive as well.