Things I don't understand

About some Ticat fans....

  1. How is Ptaszek getting any blame in this? He has called exactly one game before having it taken away. I don't get how some are saying the O-Coord has to go because of the state of the offence

  2. the same people who constantly say that Austin is a "horrible talent evaluation guy. Just look at how many of our ex players are doing well" and then in the next breath say that we need to get rid of this player, that player and this other guy.

  3. those calling for wholesale changes that either a) don't have an idea who should replace people or b) give options that aren't possible (ie: Lets hire X Team's OC as head coach in the middle of the season).

  4. those who think that buying a ticket to a game entitles them to anything other than a seat to watch a sporting event

i like all but #4. As a fan(atic)/ticket buyer you are the consumer and have a right to voice your opinion. Your opinion is what matters as fans fuel the team. If nobody cared then there would be no team.

Isn't there an old saying to the effect, that the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference? We don't need to worry about the fans who are still passionate about the team, love it or hate it, because they are at least showing they care, and willing to support it. The ones to worry about are the ones who have given up, or who think that their opinion doesn't matter because either no one is listening or because they are just filling a seat.

While I agree that apathy and indifference are the worst state for a sports franchise I have to say that fans opinions should be listened to when it comes to things like concessions. When it comes to football activity and decisions there are probably only a couple on this board that can identify real issues with the team. Saying "We have to run more" is not what I'm talking about either.

This city is a "fire the coach" and "bench the qb" kind of town. Looking across the league we can say we're passionate all we want but let's be honest, our fan base is not exactly the Riders' fan base.

People give up on a team and stop going to the games because of the result and not because a certain person is coaching or throwing the ball. If you're that person than you aren't a fan.

Sometimes I think people around here would rather be right over seeing the team win, I reference our close loss a couple weeks ago to Edm. When I came on here and read that Collaros was "lucky" to complete a couple tough passes. It couldn't possibly be that under all of the frustration and bad team play he's still an elite qb.

As a long time fan that likes to think he knows a little bit about football I won't ever get into player evaluation because I simply am not qualified to do it. I generally defend the professionals because they've done it for a long time and all we see is game day.

There's an old sports saying "if you listen to the fans you'll eventually be sitting with them" and that holds true here. Right now there's no question we stink... but if this board was able to make the decisions we would be far worse off than 60-1.

Crash...your one of the few voices of reason on these boards... :thup: :thup: :thup:

Look at Austin's body of work, its unimpressive to say the least. He does not have the ability to recognize when change is required. He is a "I know it all" type. Guess what you don't and your record shows it.

What about his body of work during the nomad days of no IWS then no about a cluster. Little practice time, temporary everything, busing to Guelph, etc. He and his team did an incredible job of at least delivering a game day experience. How many HC do you know have done this? His on camera persona is not indicative of his ability to perform.
I'm still a big believer in his ability to turn this around in one way or the other. Condelle is the one who really set this path spiralling by leaving just a couple of weeks before training camp. Austin had to scramble to find an OC to run his system and Ptazek is still learning(not his fault). So give the guy a small semblance of respect.
Criticizing is not so easy.

Unimpressive? As a coach in general or just in Hamilton?

His first year as a head coach he took the Riders and won the Grey Cup (2007 12-6)

Since joining the Ticats in 2013 he has brought the team to the Grey Cup twice, and has made it to the playoffs all 4 years. I'd say that is a pretty decent body of work.

Sure the East Division has been a bit weak over the years, often far below the West in terms season records and maybe this is where the change is needed.

My issue is we spend time and money developing players, especially some D Backs and O line men then we let them walk away to free agency. The league is dotted with former Cats with some impressive numbers.
Is it that they don’t want to play for Austin ?
They seem to flourish with other teams with all star numbers.

Or is it that we developed good all star players and can't keep them all due to the salary cap and free agency? Is the bigger issue the failure to replace them with capable players?

Is the biggest issue of all the injury bug that has plagued this team since it's move to THF?

In all honesty I've never seen anything like it.

Crash...... :thup: :thup:

Biggest peeve is drafting quality O line men from a Western City knowing (at least we the fans know) they will walk in two years.Better to draft local ,but that doesn't work out .There my rant is over.....wish there was a box to click "like" or opposite.
It's has to to tough to keep players in Hamilton when competing with all the rest of the CFL cities.....

The former. All football teams face injuries, and I no longer accept that having one or two them back would have made this team a contender. That insults the other 42 or whatever the precise number is. Nor do I believe THF is responsible for our high injury rate. You'll have to produce some hard evidence to convince me, like a stadium by stadium comparison.

IMO, the problem is the huge drop-off in talent between our starters and our subs. The Calgary game is just the latest example of where one substitute, a receiver, outplayed our entire starting corps. We lose Toliver and the whole team is in the tank? Don't forget, Fantuz went out last season. Possible replacements included Green and Carter, plus about six months to find a National starter.

Maybe others are right, too much salary tied up in Collaras and Laurent to go out and find quality back-ups.

I'm no talent scoUT but all I am seeing is a QB that throws with a hitch in his motion who seems to have less velocity than he used to and now has less mobility for whatever reason -play calling or injuries and a guy who threw for 367 yards in E F in Ottawa, led the team from a 26 point deficit and set the league completion record and can run. Based on those 4 things alone and what has transpired since is as far as offensive out put. They should at the very least mix it up. Some times we over complicate things. Heaven for bid we loose in a little more entertaining fashion. We aren't going to beat Calgary but I would like to see a flash of brilliance once in a while. Maybe 3 consecutive plays without kicking?

Palmer: I didn't state it was the turf... that's entirely my point. I'm just making an observation that since moving to THF this team has had (what I feel is) a crazy amount of injuries compared to others, and for extended periods of time. It's provably just dumb luck but there could be other factors like how long our team medical staff takes to clear people. (Again something we as fans know nothing about)

So how do you explain the tons if injuries Galgary has? They haven't played at THF yet. Could it just be ant artificial turf or equipment choices? It's not the stadium.

I don't explain anything... Just making an observation.

Glen Suitor showed the EE injury list, 3 pages of starters out, total of 18 and then 3 went down against Hamilton but as he said, they don't miss a beat. In other words, they have better scouts and better training of their backup players.

I have been saying this for the past two seasons. The scouting and player evaluation is "the worst in the league" Hopefully June Jones has a better handle on talent than Austin and Tillman. My first mission find two talented Offensive Tackles and a Rush End. Lots of bodies from the NFL available in the near future.

I love Luke Tasker's grit and his willingness to sacrifice his body to go into coverage and make key catches. Guts galore for a "small" man. But somebody on the team or on the staff has to take him aside and explain the purpose of the first down marker. He continues to take a pounding only to come up a couple of yards short. And Zach needs to lower the pass and throw it in front of Luke so that he can catch it in stride and gain some YACs. Two yards short when you're running is quickly made up. Two yards short when you are being pounded into the turf is a receipe for the IR list.

The two point convert was a beautiful example of how the quick in route should be run! Of course, Luke didn't have to count off his steps to the yardage marker.