Things Could Get Interesting Depending On The Score

Since I have a lot of time on my hands I was thinking of a couple of weird scenarios that could play out in tomorrow's game. What if Ottawa is winning by a field goal and the 'Cats move deep into Redblack territory with under a minute to play. They can't possibly go for a touchdown because they couldn't win by six points. They would have to take a knee and kick a game-tying field to force overtime which would give them a chance to win by six. Same thing could happen if Hamilton is up by two points and deep in their own end with seconds to play. They would probably have to give up a safety to force overtime. Anyways I hope the 'Cats clobber them so I don't have to stress out over these possibilities. :lol:

In your second scenario, say we have the ball at midfield (with only seconds to go) and need to give up the safety to force OT - direct snap to Speedy to run into our end zone to concede the safety? Wow that would be amazing to see. :rockin:

The odds of winning by 6+ points in OT are very slim when both teams start from the 35. We'd have to hope for an Ottawa turnover or a missed FG.

If we're at midfield and up by 2, I'd prefer a Hail Mary. Maybe even if we're deep in our end. Odds of a defensive PI call are probably higher this year than the other scenarios I mentioned.

My hope, in these possible situations, is that the coaches make better decisions, or at least decisions that are more convincing that they are fully aware of the situation, compared to those made in the final minute of the first half of this two-game series.

You know what, while I agree with you 100%, I think we have to be aware of the tremendous pressure and stress that the coaches are under when they are forced to make decisions. They literally have mere seconds to make a decision.

It doesn't forgive bad decisions, but at least gives some understanding of how a bad decision might occur. I hope KA is up to this herculean task - I know I would not want the responsibility. :wink:


A turnover or a missed field goal from 42 yards is far and away more likely than a successful hail mary. Best bet would be to give up the two unless you're within maybe the 30 yard line, IMO.

These scenarios are quite interesting indeed.

If we're up by one and have the ball, I don't think there's any way we can force them to get a rouge is there?
If we're up by 4 with 15 seconds left at our one yard line. Do we try to get into field goal range or do we take a safety, try to get an onside kick and take another safety?
If we're up by three, deep in our own end with 15 seconds left, maybe we give them the ball and hope they're competitive enough to go for a field goal and tie it?

Important is what happens if Ottawa takes the ball first in the first overtime. If they score more than 2 points, we must tie them again, not go for a win, in order to put it into a second overtime.
So if they kick a field goal, we must kick a field goal too, not go for a TD
If they get 6 points on a TD and miss the two point convert, we've got to get a TD and also miss the convert. (do teams still have to go for two with the new convert rules?)

If we take the ball first in the first overtime. We've got to go for the TD at all costs. Less then 6 points and Ottawa can take a knee.

It all reminds me of a rather infamous soccer game from the 1994 the Caribbean Cup. They had decided group matches would have extra time if tied and also that a goal in extra time would be worth 2 goals. In the final game, Barbados needed to win by 2 goals against Grenada but were up by only 1 goal in the last few minutes. It ended up with both teams trying to score on their own nets, and defend the other team's net, in the last few minutes of regulation.

Brilliant thread MP!

So Ottawa is up by 5 points after the Ticats score a TD and they decide to go for a 2 point conversion. A one point convert would have put them in a postion to need a TD and a FG to beat Ottawa by 6 and claim first place. They went for 2 and didn't get it. Good decision?

No! That one had me screaming. Murray's score had the Cats behind, in the series by 11 points. A pretty sure thing Medlock convert would have made it 10. That's a 7-pt converted TD and a FG to win first place. They'd need, basically the same scoring plays to win if their 2-pt. attempt had been successful. Unsuccessful, as it was, left them needing 11 pts.