Things are looking so bright I gotta wear shades!

Excellent game, nicely squashed momentum outta the gates by the bomber's! Lets hope we sink the Agro's ship, and sail into another Grey Cup apperance! What a difference a coach can make, good ridance to DB and GM! One thing I didn't like was ball control in the 3rd-4th quarter, too many long passes not enuff clock management! Wouldn't want too see calvillo get that many chances!

ya I love how the Riders know there is so much work left in this season, that there's no room for getting a swollen head!

things will continue to improve. they'll be 4-7 after Toronto and before you know it, we'll be in a playoff position and this crappy start will be behind us!

2-0 this season! :slight_smile:

Yep, no Swagger for the Riders. They have been winners for a while and know what it takes to win. Lots of hard work ahead.

It will be even brighter when we get a guy who can kick a field goal. Why the heck was Milo kicking today

Yeah, I am disappointing in Milo thus far...I really thought he would be a contender...perhaps he still will be. I am wondering if Congi is really good to go?

Once Andy and Koch are back in the mix full out this will be a tough team to cover, but yeah, clock management was not great in the 2nd half.

Well it sounds like Johnson is done as as a Rider if Carm (ckrm) is correct. He alluded to that during the Banjo Bowl. Shame as a putter he was awesome. Boreham aint bad either but not as good as Johnson ( hang time ). So i think Milo is here stay, ratio helper too using him.

yeah, I really like Johnson, but it is tough to keep an import punter on when you have decent NI ones on the roster...even if they don't measure up entirely. That frees up something like say a NI WR.

I have to agree. He will showup on another team i'm sure, which is good. Will miss his interviews, so if this is it, best of luck to him.

The mustache!