Things are looking real good

Ok, we lost but in my opinion, the team played awesome tonight. I was watching the game and felt this was a different team. If not for 1 bad play and a missed field goal in Q1, we easily could have won. Great job guys! Things really are looking up.

I thought the defense played well, but as long as the offence/special teams continues to make bonehead plays, and as long as the coaching(?) continues to lack imagination in tight situations, this team will never win consistently.

We need to hire an experienced CFL OC and keep our current OC and move him to assistant. This way he can learn and possibly in the future be able to take over should the need arise for a new OC.

The Ticats looked generally okay tonight with the exceptions of the forementioned bonehead plays.

With Armstead’s mistake occuring on the heels of J.J. Walker’s, I can only assume that the special teams players were cautioned about giving up a point for a ball which is kicked into the end zone and therefore, I would like to see the coaches come down hard on Armstead, possibly with a fine or a game suspension.
Mistakes like this one made by so called professionals are unforgivable.

The defence looks good heading into next year. I think we have a solid group of players but we need to add a couple of key free agents and change up some coaches. Taaffe I like, everyone else, nice knowing you.

Certainly I like this year's version of 2-11 vs. last year's.
We show promise, youth and vigor.
The losses keep piling up but these kids don't quit.
Great nucleus for a good team for 3 to 5 years.