Thing I hate most about CFL

As everyone knows I've been a CFL fans for well over 55 years, perhaps closer to 60. Yes, a league filled with ups 'n downs, lots of financial mismanagement, manufactured crises and the like.
Most of it you bite your tongue and move to the next meal.

However, this one sticks in my craw. What is it?
You spend years avoiding games on Sunday cuz you're terrified of going head to head with the NFL, upsetting broadcast agreements, live attendance, etc.
Yet on the 2 most important weekends of the CFL year (3 if you include the Grey Cup) you suddenly place your games on Sundays?

Against the mighty NFL?

After spending the rest of the years playing games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most Fridays or Saturdays featuring double-headers with thin, patchwork broadcast crews.

Someone set me straight, please!


haven't the games always been on sunday?

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Yes, but why don't they play a modicum of games on Sundays during the regular season. You're either terrified of the NFL or you're not - you can't have it both ways!


good question.

I would prefer no sunday games during NFL. Before, no problem

I dont think it is about terror tho, just wisdom.

Playoff games (2008 being the exception) have always been on Sundays.

Correction, playoff games have been on Sundays since the 1981.

Prior to that from 1973 to 1980 the playoffs used to be on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Grey Cup started on Sundays from 1969 onwards.

Prior Grey Cups were contested on Saturday afternoons.

Depending on who you believe or polling tells us some of us do follow both leagues but more and more are following the NFL a little bit more.

Thus this idea of being "terrified of the NFL"

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Sunday is the best day for watching football. I wish there was a cfl game every Sunday. That would be my main game and check out nfl during commercials


I'd love to see more CFL games on Sunday


Exception was the fog bowl where they started on Saturday then ended on Sunday.

The thinking seems to be, "We can't compete with the NFL in the regular season, but hopefully a playoff CFL game will draw fan interest more than a regular-season NFL game."

Which is sad.

I have no interest in watching CFL football, or any sport for that matter ,on a Sunday afternoon. Would much prefer Friday evening. But that's just me.

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If the logic is that the CFL and/or their broadcast partners don’t want to compete with the NFL during the regular season, then I too am at a loss to understand why they do so for the playoffs. I don’t think this will significantly move the viewership needle for those who prefer the NFL. Saturdays would appear to have the potential to attract many more viewers with the only competition being NCAA. I could live with Friday evenings but would prefer Saturdays for the playoffs and GC. That would also have the practical benefit of allowing those who travel to these games a day off after the game before returning to work and those who imbibe the same.

Although I watch all games on a slight PVR delay to avoid commercials, tomorrow will be very difficult. I will have to prioritize the CFL playoff games but it will come at the cost of it being practically very difficult if not impossible to watch NFL.

I think staying away from Sunday during NFL season was more TSN's idea. I don't think the CFL is afraid of going head to head for playoffs. If CFL ever got slaughtered we would see drastic changes I'm sure. Dare I say we might even see a April to Labour day schedule :wink:

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That schedule would be fine with me, although May to October would be my preference.

I don’t know if CFL is afraid of going head to head. They appear to be during the regular season so the question is why does that change for the playoffs?

Diehards = I'll watch the CFL any day! I don't care! Screw the NFL!

Casuals = " You have 6 other days to play games, you pick Sunday? I have to choose? I'm out"

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60 year fan. I don’t watch the NFL. I do like the Thursday, Friday and Saturday night games. My 2 bits.

I think your thinking of your NFL people most likely never was fans than Casuals .

Who never were fans anyway so you don't cater to their whimsies .

I have NFL guys I don't bother with them to watch you don't win any over on any other day of the week all season long .

They either converted over or not .

Sundays have always worked for the CFL they tried to go back on Saturdays and it sunk ratings .

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One of the reasons is the late fall the games may have a zero factor meaning less games for Sunday afternoon regular season in late October or this year November . You might not want that dog anyday of the week but Sunday might even be worse .

Now if they were smart they would move a weekly game to a Sunday evening from summer to fall and arrange for key match ups like the NFL does all season long .

Save the potential dog games for Thursdays in the summer and Fridays in the fall .

Uniquely Canadian eh​:rofl::beers:

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I have friends that are casuals that come to 3-4 Ticats games a year that would flat out not watch the CFL on Sundays.

Youd think the CFL has done this research and believes the benefits outweigh the risks.

I dunno Crash if they don't watch the Cats on Sunday they are not really fans period . They are just out for the beer or fresh air etc ....

I can understand not caring about the other teams but the local guys playing and your watching the NFL that says a lot .

Not knocking you or them I have tons of people who love going to the games with me but they don't watch the CFL on their own doesn't matter when it's on .

Others I take and they love the RB's but could care less about anyone else .

Very few are CFL only guys .

It is what it is and Sunday gets the most eyes for Pro football .

If they cannot get up for a playoff home game they really don't care .

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The people who decide the scheduling (Bell I'm guessing or the league itself) have an inferiority complex with CFL games. They seem to be saying that their regular season games are not worthy of competing head to head against the NFL but their playoff games should spark more interest and be able to compete.

What they really should realize is that in a gate driven league, the best thing for the league would be to put your games on the days that are the easiest for people to attend. I would say this should be Saturday or Sunday depending on the time of year. Saturdays during the school year, Sundays during the summer. Fridays would be acceptable but would be a third choice. I would avoid Thursday and midweek games.

Just my two cents.

Either way, the CFL has preference for me over the NFL this time of year during the CFL playoffs. Not even close.