Thilled in Guelph!

I know there is another thread here about the anouncement that the Cats will be in Guelph for most of next season, and I appreciate the disapointment that local fans are feeling about the move, but I thought everyone should know what good news this is to Guelph fans.

As a Guelph resident this is the best news I've heard in a while, I am thrilled! I just renewed my pair of season seats and addded two more. My kids and I are going to walk or ride our bikes to the games (It's an hour drive from my house to Ivor Wynne).

I had to split my tickets before with another Guelph CFL fan because it's too hard to make the trip to every game. I'm planning my holidays around the 2013 schedule so I can get to every game and plan to invite friends along who've never been to a game.

This is great for my small city and in the long run, I think, will be good for the Cats in drawing more fans to games in Hamilton.

Nicely said guelphcatsfan and completely agree there are many pluses with this even though for sure, as you say and others have said, locals here will be inconvenienced for a year. For myself it is inconvenience as well but not disappointment as I try and look at the larger picture of growing more of a regional fanbase and the drive to Guelph a few times next year will be enjoyable to just get out of Hamilton for a bit for a drive and visit a very nice city in Guelph.

Reading this, nice. :thup:

Excitement builds

Understandably, Guelph is buzzing about the team heading there next season.
“Something this big isn't usual for us,? Kendall said. “People are really excited all through the community.?
Though the details of a deal between the team and the university aren't totally certain, Kendall is sure of one thing.
“I don't think TiCat's fans will care where their team is playing as long as they're winning,? he laughed.
“Hamilton fans don't need to be concerned. We're nice people here in Guelph.?

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As someone who likes Guelph so much, I lived there twice (!) I think this is a great move. I remember going over to the stadium to watch Argo training camp sessions in the early '90s, and talking to this nice young player named Michael Clemons.

And, yes, I drove to Ivor Wynne for the Cats games. Now I'll be doing it in reverse, I guess.

We already average more fans per game than the new stadium will hold. Maybe they'll accommodate any new fans from Mayberry (Guelph) with scaffolding in the endzone. That's much better than the permanent concrete endzone we already have at Ivor Wynne. Ugh! Had.

I'm happy for you and your family and hope you enjoy the games, but I probably won't make it to more than one or two games. My boyfriend works shifts (and never knows what they are in advance) and I work until 5pm so it is literally impossible for us to make it to any weeknight games. Hopefully we can make it to a weekend game, but since we aren't renewing our season tix for that it might be tough to buy tickets.

I won't be going to all the games as well due to work, especially more with my wife. But hopefully we'll at least get to some games next year, especially those on weekends if tickets are available.

Thanks for posting that, and don't worry about starting another thread on this topic. That other thread really started to go downhill after it was official that games would be played in Guelph, and the less said about some of the posts there, the better.

I was wondering how excited Guelphites were to have a CFL team playing the majority of its games in their city next year. I'm sure that some do like this and those fans combined with Ticat fans making the not-that-long trip to Guelph to see games there should easily fill Alumni Stadium to its capacity on gamedays.

And I was thinking the same thing about how this could be good for this Ticat organization in the long run. They need to advertise their product in nearby areas like Guelph. And what better way to market the team in those cities than to have it play games in those cities? I understand that Mark Cohon made a similar point when talking about this situation.

Please tell me you guys carry Wellington Beer at games! Iron Duke is top tier.