Thigpen's Record

Congrats to Marcus Thigpen for breaking a CFL record, hopefully now we can see if he can kick!

Now I'm not saying do it, in a clutch situation, but even if we have to punt it away, lets see Marcus keep that record for a good long time.

Grats Thiggy, suprised we didn't use you more tonight.Oh well, amazing achievement :slight_smile:

Congratulations Thiggy!

He was a great Find Thank you Riders

You knew that Thiggy was going to get the rushing TD sooner or later. He had plenty of time left to get that rushing TD to be that first player to get TDs five different ways. But congratulations to him.

In his debut, he opened our season by returning the opening kickoff for a TD. Later that game, he returned a missed FG for a TD. I thought he might “hit for the cycle” with a punt return TD that game. But I’ll take this.

It’s great to have Thiggy on the team, though I’d still like to see him used more on offence.

CFL (is) thebest - Tiger-Cats Thigpen :thup:

it's weird that a shovel pass wouldn't have gotten him the record but the same thing done backwards does.

Anyway, congratulations Thigpen you totally kick "Eisenberger" !!


I get the feeling that if he can evolve into an Archie Amerson/Thomas Haskins weapon on offense, the sky is the limit. Getting him in space is electric and it will be Mike Gibson's task to augment Glenn's chemistry with Bruce with a gamebreaker like #8!

Oski Wee Wee,


Great accomplishment for this young, talented player. What ways are left, fumble recovery, interception, blocked kick and / or punt for td's. Guess he has to do spot duty on defence and special teams. Really, great job for a rookie with a great career ahead of him.

Hey we saw Bruce throw a pass tonight, why can't Thigpen? :wink:

jordon02, completly forgot about that one, is there any other possible situations? I mean reasonable ones.

And if he recovers the punt for a touchdown? That would be six for six. :lol:

I agree. Time to teach Thiggy the "quick kick"...

lmao :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Now there's a blast from the past. I happened to be watching a replay of the '67 Grey Cup the other day, and there's Zuger, 2nd and 7, punting it into the end zone for a single. Not sure what the reasoning was in that case, and I'm not sure I ever did see the point of the quick kick, but it was exciting.

There is another option, however. The onside punt, a la Johnny Rodgers. Thiggy lines up as an extra backfield blocker, but peels back to run around Wilbur (or Stala?), and then chases the punt downfield to try to recover it. It might work with the hang time Wilbur has, and Thigpen's speed.

Thigpen still needs an interception return and a fumble recovery for touchdowns. Also a recovered on-side kick for a TD to complete the series.

A little short to be on the onside kick return team, although his leaping ability is pretty good. An onside punt recover, maybe.

I’d definitely would like to see a “creative” sixth way for him to score a TD. I think at this point he would have to be considered for Rookie of the Year (if eligible).

OUTSTANDING MARCUS!! So much completed in just a short period of time, more time to left in this season to make more CFL History, I believe Marcus needs two more kick off or punt returns to tie a league record for returns for one season and three to beat it out right. Congratulations Marcus, Let's score a few TD's against the Argo's next week.