Great to see this

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Great to see.

Good for Thiggy. Glad to see he’s doing well.

Thigpen, who was a return sensation for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, turned his first NFL punt return into a 72-yard touchdown in the third quarter.
Brings back memories of his first-ever kickoff return for Hamilton.

That is totally great to see! Way to go Thiggy :thup:
My bro-in-law has been a Miami fan for years and I told
him i would jump on the band wagon because of Thigpen
(and Wake)

Thanks for posting that, Chewy. That certainly was great to see.

Like that commentator said, he was decisive on that return. With "no dancing, no hesitation" as that commentator said. But Thigpen gave credit to his teammates, as you can see in this article: ... 1489.story

Exactly what I thought when I heard about this. He does seem to do well in debuts.

for certain ExPat.
or how about Thiggy's first outing at slotback for the Cats at Touchdown Atlantic 2011.

one of his greatest games. (6 catches for 139 yds and 2 TD's)

we certainly miss him.

All the ex-cfl FA's that found work down south played well yesterday. Freeman had a pick 6. Medlock was 1 for 1 from short range. Hickman had a solo tackle. But obviously Thigpen had the highlight.

Congrats to all of them!