Please, get Thigpen into the offence more!
Anytime he got the ball, he made something happen.
Not to mention that long run that got called back.

that long run being called back was lame.
But yeah , Thigpen should get more touches - running and recieving.

I think maybe our OC is finally starting to get it. Just in time, too. Thigpen can easily be a game changer. His ability to accelerate is a joy to watch.

The fact that it was called back, right? Not the run itself? :wink:

Looks like they're getting there. He had about half the touches as Cobb this week, which is a huge improvement over previous games. I expect that over the next few weeks, we'll be seeing even more of him, if only to take the pressure off Cobb.

Would also like to see more (some?) of Schmidt out of the backfield.

I'd prefer to see more of Thigpen out of the backfield instead of Cobb. Use Cobb on screens. Why not use both, since we don't use a fullback anymore(why is that?).

Love screens, look at that screen pass to Boyd yesterday I think it was a screen. If I was OC, I'd have as many versions of screens as possible, yes at the expense of something else in the running game but still, best play in football on average I'd say.

The word is that Thigpen was fighting through an injury earlier in the year, so perhaps that is what stopped him being so explosive in the return game and from being used more in the offense. He looks healthy now, and what a great time to see him being that explosive player we all feel in love with back in July. I think 8-12 touches for him (not including returns) would be the perfect amount. He looked very good on Friday night.