Thigpen story

Interesting story on Thigpen from today's National Post.

An Argo-Cat fan

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What an incredible story. I had to read it twice.

Great story and a life altering situation.

Definitely an inspiring story. But not exactly news. He talked about it in an interview on CHML last January.

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Marcus publicly reveals that through his actions as a 14 year old another person’s life ended.

Thigpen, who has only told a handful of teammates about his past,

hopes his story can become not just a cautionary take,
but an inspiration for those confronted by demons in their life.

“I’m always thinking of Lacrecia, because if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be where I am.

I’d probably be running the streets somewhere. My life was going downhill

and that turned me around,? Thigpen said, voice cracking.

“It happened for a reason. After that everything I did was dedicated to her.

I pray for her and her family every night.

Every time I score a touchdown I thank God and think of her.

I admire your courage and your reasons for for doing this, Marcus.


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