Thigpen reminds me of ..

Thomas Haskins ... remember, the RB who used to play for Montreal. He was also used for kick and punt returns. Haskins used to be a thorn in every defensive coach's side. He was Montreal's 'x' factor. I think Thigpen is becoming and will be Hamilton's 'x' factor. Another player he reminds me of is Archie Amerson. He's taller than Archie was but I believe just as agile.

thigpen reminds me of...... A God, a saviour, a superstar... :lol:
What a find he was... Sorry Saskatchewan.

Pinball If he hangs around for few years doing what he's done so far. Pinball was very good for many years.

An Argo-Cat fan

Is the Pinner still part of the Boatman crew. If he is what is he.

8) Yes, Pinball's position now is, Executive Vice-Chairman.
   Don't hear too much from him anymore though.

Thigpen reminds me of Thigpen.

a cross between earl and archie amerson

.... a faster Garney Henley it appears he can do it all :smiley:

reminds me or archie amerson somhow.. idk, runningback who looks like a natural slot.

I was thinking the same thing re: comparison to Haskins.

8) Whoa, lets not get carried away already.
  Garney Henley is regarded as probably the best all round player to ever play in the CFL.
  Lets wait until Thigpen has played 16 seasons, and then we can make that decision !!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Four touchdowns in four different ways in two games? Garney did that in a single game, plus passing for a fifth one. Ok, not as a rookie in his first two games, I'll give him that. I do like the way he finds the holes without slowing down.

Actually, he reminds me a bit of Johnny "Ordinary Superstar" Rodgers. Although he only played four year before heading south and blowing out his knee, he seemed to outrun everybody else on the field - on kick returns, as running back, even on punt coverage.

Here's hoping Marcus sticks around in Hamilton a long time.

Thigpen has performed very well in his rookie season so far. But suggesting he compares favourably to Garney Henley is more than premature. Once he has a dozen or so more seasons under his belt on both offence and defence with many All-Star selections and career records to his credit, it might make sense to draw that comparison. Until then, he's a fine young player but not at all comparable to someone who is universally recognized as one of the top players in CFL history.

Garney would also go in on defence to make interceptions. Yes Garney was a very special player. :thup:

But to be fair, the times were different. I highly doubt he could do that now.... Still, one of the Ticat greats of all time. :rockin:

Maybe times were different when he started his career, but he was one of the only, if not THE only, two-way player by the end of his career. Consider his four (and a half?) touchdown game in 1968. One on special teams (kick-off return), one on defence (interception return), and two (and a half) on offence (run and pass reception, plus a pass to Fleming? on a double-reverse option). Was there anybody else in the league at the time who could have done all this in a career, let alone a single game?

Actually, times were different. Remember there was no blocking at all allowed on punt returns back then. With today's rules, he might have had five different TDs that day.