Thigpen has lost a step since the Stampeders game, if you take out the first 2 game he really hasnt done anything in the return department and really when hes in on offece he isnt making big plays either, in his defecnce though the coaches arnt really making a huge effort to get him the ball on offence either

is he injured or somthing cause he really has been a below average player since his 2 explosive games, he seems very lacksidaisicle the way hes running, and seems to not really be accelerating outta his cuts, i feel liek the coaches might have to sit him and down and remind him 2 games doesnt secure your spot on a team because the cats could really use a big bruising back in the lineup, so i hope hes not trying to coast through the season on 2 good games

hopefully if he is hurt he can use the bye week to get back to his first 2 weeks form and not the half ass performance hes been putting in since then


He's not getting that many opportunities. The Tiger-Cats have given up the most FG (24) of any team in the CFL -- some say that's a bad thing, I think it's better than giving up the most TDs -- and for some reason, the team always decides to take the ball at the 35 after a FG. I would think that with having a weapon like Thigpen, the team would be more apt to at least try to make the opponent kick off after a FG.

I know that the offense is very good, but Thigpen has shown in the recent past that he is very good as well. I think he has looked less than stellar since the beginning of July because he hasn't had the same opportunities. He'll break one soon enough. He may not take it all the way, but he'll have a nice return sooner rather than later. Here's hoping it's on Labour Day.

He isn't hurt and hasn't been that bad lately...
Returns are hard you need to get some big block to break a big play and he hasn't gotten any the last few games. As for offense the coaches haven't put him in enough to do anything. You cant give a guy the ball twice in a game and hope something magical will happen.

I remember early on that Thigpen had some kind off special excelleration once he got going. I have not seen that lately, so I wonder if he may be a little banged up. He hasn't been used in the offense as much lately, which also makes me wonder if he is not 100%.

Hopefully he heals up during the week off and returns back to the way he was the first two weeks.


that also is a desicion that puzzles me every game, we have thigpen why not make the other team kick to us rather then take it at the 35, MB does have is questionable moments as coach tho :?

It's Corey Holmes Syndrome, Mach be blunt!

If he's good to go...he's GOOD TO GO! :wink:

The man is a threat every time he touches the ball, so...finding him additional touches IS a good opportunity. Whether subbing for Cobb or having him line up in the slot, there should be a series of plays designed to spring him in space. There is no question he is a good receiver out of the backfield. It's a decision NOT to use him more.

Oski Wee Wee,


On returns, it almost seems like he is trying too hard to make something happen, if that makes any sense. Kick/punt returns are all about making the first guy miss and then its off to the races. Lately, it seems like he's dancing a bit back there trying to make everyone miss. Thats my point of view anyway.....

It might have been that that Thigpen was not quite at 100%: ... ice-3.html

Update from #Ticats practice
  • Returner Marcus Thigpen is here but not practicing today. That would be a significant loss.

That was posted on the 18th.

That could be a reason he was not used as much on offence.

I would like to see more of him there. As I have said before, having him and Cobb in the backfield worked well for us before.

Isn't this ironic? Last season Cobb just got the ball and ran, and ran, head down powered his way through tacklers and made significant gains. This season he seems like he's trying to fine tune his running game by trying to find holes rather than following his blocking and letting the holes open up. In the early going this year Thigpen just got the ball and ran, and ran, down the field. Now, he seems to take the kick and start looking for places to run by running laterally and ends up gaining very few yards. Sounds familiar for both of them, eh?? Maybe someone, (MB), should have a talk with them and say look, just use your natural talent and run with the @%&* ball. Well, that's just my opinion.

Thiggy seems to let the ball hit the ground a lot lately on kicks. I was surprised in the Friday night game when the Argos didn't get a point on the kick off, I didn't know that was the rule, but then I tried to think of a time when the recieving team let the ball bounce for what anouts to a 95 yard kick - rare.

Whatever, we won three in a row. Someone is doing something right.

To get a point on a kickoff the ball needs to go through the side of the end zone.

No, it's only a point if someone on the receiving team touches the ball.

I think Makaveli is right. On a kickoff, the ball needs to exit through the side of end zone for a point to count.

Actually, JerkFaceLoser is right, the kicking team gets a point on the kickoff if the receiving team touches the ball and goes out of any part of the endzone.

Of course I'm right. :cowboy:


Article 4 – Single Point Or Rouge
If the ball is kicked into the Goal Area by an opponent, a rouge is scored:
(1) when the ball becomes dead in possession of a team in its own Goal Area or,
(2) when the ball touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal, and
touches the ground, a player or some object beyond these lines.

NOTE: If during a kickoff, the kicked ball proceeds through the Goal Area and across
the Dead Line or Sideline in Goal without being touched, there shall be no score and
the ball shall be awarded to the receiving team at any point between the hash marks
on its own 25-yard line.

I stand corrected. Thanks for the info guys (or gals). Even the scorer at the Dome was confused. First they put it as 0-0, then 1-0, then back to 0-0. Of course, I noticed a lot of mistakes that they made, especially down and distance. Another way that we are better than them. :lol:

I noticed Thigpen can be tackled pretty easy when trying to move laterally. He's most successful running straight-ahead, north/south hitting the hole hard...and not trying to run to the outside.

Thiggy was an unknown commodity in the first couple of games... and was able to take advantage of that. Now that there's more film on him, teams have made adjustments and they're working. The mark of a truly great returner is the ability to make adjustments to the adjustments. Thiggy is a pretty good returner that can play multiple positions in the offence, but until he can make those adjustments, I'm not quite prepared to call him great. (But I'm not complaining either! :lol: )