Thigpen gone...

Thigpen has signed a contract with the Dolphins.... :expressionless: :thdn:

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This is somewhat of a surprise to me, as I had thought Thigpen after his rookie season in the CFL would have had more of an impact in 2011 other than as a kick returner.

With star or feature players Marshall, Bess, and Hartline 1-2-3 at WR and Bush and Thomas 1-2 at RB, the Dolphins will have Thigpen compete to be a kick returner. His core competition will be already top kick return man Clyde Gates who proved to be a great value as a fourth-round pick last year.

Davone Bess is their current punt returner and starting receiver, so the Dolphins would want someone to fill in that slot as Bess focuses only on receiver.

The Dolphins are also shallow at wide receiver with a bunch of relatively inexperienced players though, so we will see what they end up doing to build that depth as well.

Time for NFL teams to compensate the CFL for CFL developed talent . IMHO

I have a feeling he will be back before the upcoming CFL season is over...

Wouldnt that make us a farm league?

Well, we all know Marcus Thigpen as him and Chad Owens are probably the two best return men in the CFL, so I can't say it's surprising. I wish him well and if the Dolphin's decide to cut him loose, I hope we bring him back to the Hammer.

He's in his option year so he has no choice but to come back if he's cut by the Fish

Well, unless he tries out with some other NFL team of course. Or retires from playing.

I can't blame the man for taking the opportunity. Good luck to him :slight_smile:

NO it would be appropriate for a larger company to pay a finders fee.
For the NFL to claim superiority it is ironic that it has to raid CFL rosters aint it.

The way it is now, the CFL is regarded as a farm league, If the NFL respected the CFL it would not raid its rosters.

How is it appropriate? They are free agents, and free to sign wherever they want. It sucks for the CFL, but that is life.

Also, I have never heard of a company paying a finders fee when recruiting talent, not to the ex-employer anyways, and those are present employees when the companies are hiring them...not free agents/unemployed.

It is a nice pipe dream, but a pipe dream none the less.

In European soccer leagues, there are certain circumstances under which a player’s new team will pay a certain percentage of the salary to the old team team, so there is a sort of precedent for an ex-employer receiving payment. It wouldn’t apply in this case, though, and there are so many differences between the way North American sports leagues are run compared to European soccer leagues that a lot would have to change before that sort of practice would make sense here.

Besides, if we want the NFL to give money to the CFL for their efforts, then it’s only right for the CFL to pay money to the NFL for theirs. CIS also puts a lot of resources into training players who end up as non-imports in the CFL, yet receive no direct compensation in return (and it’s not like CIS football programs generate tons of revenue anyway).

I do agree, but I must point out that the money was an interest free loan, which has been repaid, not a gift. Also, as a part of that NFL clubs could go after CFLers in their option year, and the club would be compensated. Now, this was abolished in the last CBA, as the term of that deal with the NFL is expired. Somehow the league figured getting rid of it would stem players from taking a shot at the NFL...riiiiiiiggggghhhht...because if they take a shot at the NFL they are really scared there will not be a job in the CFL if they don't make it. All it does is put them right into free agency for a bidding war upon return as opposed to being obligated to the option...really stupid call by the CFL.

Depop I never heard the old and new CBAs explained this way. The CBA matter seems so complicated.

The payment by the NFL in the option year of the former 1+1 CBA's sounds much like in effect the transfer fee as is paid usually in trades between premier European football and/or South American football/soccer clubs on top of any improved compensation for the player with his new club. How much the NFL teams would pay the CFL team in the past is a mystery though, but at least the former CFL teams would get a piece of the action definitively if that were the case with the former 1+1 CBA.

Now with the new CBA, refresh my memory, is it a 2+1?

What are a player's options after two years instead of only one like before, and then what really happens contractually?

Does the CFL team now almost always get nothing when before the team at least received something after the first year if the player not only went to the NFL to try out but also made a roster?

I think you and I are talking about different things. I had forgotten about the loan when I wrote what I wrote above. I was thinking about a "fee" for each player that went from one league to the other, paid by the new team to the old team, whereas it seems you're thinking about a transfer of cash from the NFL to the CFL.

yeah...i don't know what the 2+1 or 1+1 thing is you refer to. It was contract plus a potential option. In the option year the player was free to take NFL offers. There were also restrictions in place on how many option players an NFL club could take, now there are not.

Also, as a part of that NFL clubs could go after CFLers in their option year, and the club would be compensated. Now, this was abolished in the last CBA, as the term of that deal with the NFL is expired
But isn't now in the minimum contract the option year after year two (2+1) under the new CBA? Or is it just that only the club has the option in the second year, which would make the contract effectively a two-year deal in most cases?

Before under the old CBA the option by both parties was after year one (1+1).

Also you explain that before, under the 1+1, that the NFL would compensate teams if they signed players during the option year. If that was the case before, I had no idea but it certainly would explain a whole bunch of the moves.

Now that compensation from the NFL obviously would not be the case any longer because the club retains all rights in the second year in any case.

I think of the prior compensation from the NFL as akin to the transfer free as one sees in transactions in football/soccer outside of North America mostly in Europe and in South America.

I have not had a need to look in detail at the new CBA, but my understanding is that there is no more option on new contracts...or at minimum it has drastically changed, but I don't think there is an option at all...this was just from some chats with some old friends. In previous years, if you were in your option you had the right to try out for the NFL and then come back and exercise the option...if the club chose not to exercise it they had to release you into FA. You essentially could take a shot at the NFL and the CFL club had your contract rights should you return. Now said player would come back as a FA.

Also, options could be on any length of contact I do believe...for instance...Andy had a 2 or 3 year contract plus option was not 1+1. You could sign say a 4+1. The option really does nothing for a is beneficial for the club.