thigpen and cobb

I seem to remember the commentators and coaches say what made Cobb so good was his one-two, or his two-step, or something like that. Basically, they were saying that he'd run, stop, wait for the hole to develop, and then run through it. I haven't seen any holes up the middle this year, except on draw plays. Which explains Cobbs lack of yards going vertical.

Once again Cobb showed that he isn't a cfl back tonight.
Also not sure why we didn't use Thiggy much tonight on offense... when we used him on screen passes a few weeks ago I thought it worked great.

Cobb showed last year the kind of back he is....our problem with the running game is the same problem that cost us the first game of the year....the OL...

MB gambled and went with a Canadian OL and it cost us in game 1....and, even with one import in there costs us in our running game.....there is simply nowhere to run...

We have quality Canadian receivers, but MB wants to load up on imports.....James, recently cut, did nothing.....Mann....a couple catches.....McDaniel has dissappeared......

We had success against Winnipeg a few weeks ago using the two back system.....something we have promptly abandoned since....(saving it for the playoffs, I guess??)

I don't like the unimaginative play calling and I don't care much for DeAndra Cobb. Something has changed
with this guy since last year. I know he gained 15 pounds in the off season and perhaps that has slowed him down.
I agree with the fact that he hits the line very tentatively and I agree that he tries to deke out defenders when, as a
running back, he should probably use his power to run through them and get some extra first downs.

I repeatedly see the argument that Cobb needs more touches, yet I watched Fred Reid last night who was effective from
his first few touches. The same applied to To's Boyd the night before when on his second touch he ripped for 46 yards.

Normally, a running back does need a few touches to get him, into high gear, but I think there is a possibility that
the team is losing confidence in DeAndra Cobb. He's not the guy who arrived here last season.

Thiggy needs to be used more with flanker passes to give him some running room IMO.

I noticed that McIntyre lined up in the backfield on short yardage last night. He has played offence before (arena league), so maybe they could use him a couple of times a game? At 6'2", 270 lbs., he might be tough to bring down. And we've seen his speed chasing down quarterbacks.

Of course, we don't use our actual fullbacks, so why would we use him? And is it worth risking losing him on defence through injury? Depends on the score and the stage of the game, I guess.

Fairly simple in terms of getting yards when you run the ball. First and foremost, you do not dance and prance and think you can shake and bake a defender. Cobb is not the answer - he is tentative and somewhat less inclined to attempt to run the defender over. As I have previously stated, Demetrius Summers is a far better running back than our Mr. Cobb. The coaching staff have made several player talent evaluation errors - 1/ Palardy (way over his head) 2/ Canadian O Line ( enter Belton Johnson) 3/ Bauman ( sit his but down - enter Nicholson - Carter ) the both of those guys accomplished more than Bauman in three years. 4/ Gibson ( habitual poor play calling) we don't do enough to place enough stress/pressure on the defence.
5/ Shivers - much improved - however we need a shutdown defence (backs)

He did show us the kind of back he is. The kind who looks great when he gets the ball in the open field. When there are huge holes, Cobb looks all-world. When the holes are smaller, he tries too hard to find a bigger opening instead of heading toward daylight through the hole that is there.