thigpen and cobb

I dont want to be a spoil sport but wasnt there a third back on our roster.. a guy who played last year in calgary?

when did we release him

me thinks either our playcalling is over lee predicable or kobb is kaputt

We won't beat the Argos with COBB as our RB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOTC: I thought Cobb did OK tonight. It looked like he was running with a lot more quickness and authority. But he can't do much if he doesn't get the ball.
This coaching staff seems too hung up on a predictable passing game.

He was better, but I still thought he looked tenative. Seems to prefer going laterally at the line. Just gotta duck his head and use his power.

Easy for you to SAY!

I want to know how everyone can complain about Cobb's running when he gets so few touches. He had 3 touches in the first half, and what, 10 in the whole night? In my opinion it takes 15-20 touches for a running back to get into his rythm, and only then can you judge a backs performance.

8) Exactly right !!
Cory Boyd had at least 25 carries last night and ammassed roughly 135 yds rushing !!

He is one outstanding back for sure !!

but who was the other back we had in training camp... not the ex detroit lion... the ex stampeder? :?

Yeah, no doubt, eh? WAs waiting for that response. I think his success last year came from using his strength - not shuffling.

I agree that Cobb looked better, and I will agree running backs need to get the ball to be effective. A good back given enough carries is bound to break one. Also so of the running blocking was the pits, you cannot expect the back to do much when he has a defender draped around him almost as soon as he gets the ball. Our run games needs to show more imagination.

8) Can't think of his name now offhand, but I know we released him the same day that we picked up Thigpen !!

maybe its time to put away my cobb head..... sigh :cry:

I say Hamilton wins next week in Winnipeg also, I know I'll be pickiing the Tiger-Cats in the pool. 8)

No kidding. Hard for Cobb to do much when he doesn't get the rock! And when he does, it's on some crappy short-yardage play where a D-lineman is in the backfield before he can make a cut or else Glenn is failing to zone-read properly and pulling it when he should hand off and vice-versa.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the play of Matt Carter and Adrian Nicholson. Both came through with clutch catches.
I have been critical of the offensive play calling but I was happy to see both these young fella's get the ball in crucial situations.
Looks like Bauman could be gone. Too bad but he had lots of chances.

I don't like the fact that whenever Cobb sees a defensive player directly in front of him
he trys to deke him out even if he is just a yard or two short of making a first down.

If he just slammed into the d-back he would likely to get the first down

That is just as uplifting to the team and the crowd as a safety slamming in to a receiver.

Shoulda said Adam Nicholson. :oops:

You’re right Tipper. Demetris Summers, released June 26th.

Cobb ran somewhat better last night than he has in the earlier games. I agree with the above posts about not enough touches for him. One wrinkle that I thought worked well was the inside pitch play to Cobb. It's that play that Flutie and Drummond ran to perfection way back when. It worked and Cobb seemed very comfortable doing it. I don't know if it is a good way to describe his play, but Cobb does not look "comfortable" when he runs this year.

The funny thing about this team ,when they are flying they are flying and when they think about it for a second they have brain cramps. Must be nerves!