So after Marcus Thigpen scores a rushing TD, should he be given the chance to score a defensive TD.
He said on a bio on the main page that if he were to play another position, what would it be? Safety!!
Just saying....

That would depend on if Dylan Barker can run the ball in his place. :wink:

Looks like he can do everything. Not sure if he can kick

Im not sure if our 2 kickers can kick either...

Maybe the other returned on a kickoff could run the ball back to the opponents' 10-yard-line and then fumble, Thigpen could recover and run it into the end zone!! I'd say that's more probable than him getting an interception as a DB and running it back for a TD. :wink:



That made my day.

Back in 94, I think, I made a bet with Safety Todd Wiseman that involved about $1200 worth of my services.

I told him I would do the deed for nothing if he scored a touchdown.

Todd was a tough , direct kinda guy, and asked me to change the agreement to 2 interceptions in a game, a likelier probability..(Last I heard of/from Todd he was an insurance adjuster in Kelowna// go figure!! )

I told him that 2 interceptions didn't add directly enough to the winning of the game as direct points on the board would.

Next game, against Shreveport, doesn't he intercept and take it to the endzone in the first quarter... turned to my cheering wife and told her that TD just cost us $1200. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lived up to my part of the bargain, and as a thank you, Todd and his bride came by and presented me with a suitably noted and autographed plaqued picture of the touchdown run...

One of my 5 favorite events while following the Ticats.