Thigpeg and Johnson make players of the week

I though Stala and he's freakin' insane catches would have also made it, but I think everyone would be screaming favouritism if Hamilton won 3/4 of the player of the week awards.

Congrats to both, nice job, total team effort though as well for the most part. Agree Hammer about what you say about Stala.

Congrats to both our guys. Well deserved recognition.

Congrats to Calvillo as well. Five yards off the mark for yet another record. Glad he didn't get that record; those five yards could have made the difference between a win and a loss, the way that game was going.

And while Stala did have a few great catches, I have to say his overall performance in the game weren't up to the standard for POTW, especially compared to Cornish's 14 carries for 127 yards. (Please don't take my fan card away for saying this. :wink: )

Didn't realize what a great game Johnson had.

Forced fumble, recovered fumble, 1 sack, 6 tackles and a 75 yard interception return that set up a TD.

Going with Rose and Johnson and having Baggs sit out this game turned out to be a stroke of genius.

We've maintained our goose-egg in the Offensive POTW category, still going 0-for-2011. This despite putting up 50+ points twice now, and 40+ on a couple of other occasions, against teams like Montreal, BC and Calgary. Even the Argos, with the lowest points scored in the league, won three offensive awards this year.

At least we finally broke the shut-out for the Defensive POTW category.