I hate starting new topics to rant but I didn't want to put this in the Thigpen story thread.

What was he doing out there on kick returns. He didn't catch a single ball in the air, and he gave up a point to make it an 8 point game in the 4th quarter. The guy has talent but its almost impossible to break a nice return when you need to scoop the ball up off the field.

Not only that, my beef is that he often waited for it to hop up into his arms and that's how we gave up a point.SNAG IT!!!!!

It seems like he's not all there at times. I remember a punt return in B.C last year that he muffed and then tried to non-chalantly pick up the football as if nothing was wrong......B.C recovered it.

On the single, he could have been coached to move up for a shorter kick and to give up the single in favour of field position. 7 or 8 points, you still need a converted TD.

Oh, we're supposed to dump om him in this thread?...

Don't forget his two fumbles in the East semi final loss last year.

The other thing I noticed that he needs to be aware of is Winnipeg's punter almost recovered a few of the punts that Thiggy let bounce around.

Its possible he was told to give up the point but if that's the case I think it was a stupid coaching move. The only reason the ball even made it in the endzone is because it bounced.

It was also driving me crazy that Thigpen was letting balls bounce. In some cases it was not entirely his fault, you can't predict when a kicker is going to miss it, and it comes up extremely short. What bothered me is he didn't move up after kick after kick landed short of where he was standing.

Not to defend him, but I don't understand why we don't have 2 guys back when it is critical for the ball to be caught. When Winnipeg is on our 40 yard line and they are trying to pin us deep, put back two guys to try and catch the ball before it goes out of bounds. Having one more person to block isn't going to change things on this type of play.

I also would have preferred to have Williams returning punts, but understand there wasn't enough space on the roster to fit him in. They need to find a way to get this guy in.


Do you people not realize that Suber was punting away from him all game?????

Yea letting the ball bounce was annoying but equally annoying was how they (coaching staff) used him. They said they were going to make him a bigger part of the offence but from what I can remember (and I could be wrong) they only used him twice in the first half and both times he came into the game they tried to get him the ball unsuccessfully. As soon as he came into the game I (and everyone else on and off the field) knew it was going to Thiggy.
One question: are our coaches brain dead? LOL

I saw nothing but what we did last year on O, I know Jones wanted to keep some of Gibson’s O but I didn’t think he meant %99.9 of it.

I was expecting them to send Thigpen deep at least once, hoping to have him either covered by a LB, or drawing a DB off one of our other receivers. A little disappointed in the play calling there.

Do you realize that Suber is not the punter? :wink:

Great article in the Post about Thigpen:

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I'd like to see Thiggy sit a game while we see what C.Williams can do.

good point LOL :oops:

The way Suber played, he may as well have been. He killed the Tiger-Cats that night. Kudos to him for a great game. Watch here, in the 2nd half of the video, to get an idea of his contribution.

OMG you Got to respect how he turned it around.
It tough getting over something like this
I know 1st hand.
I wear my #8 with even more pride now.

I really don't think the Ti-Cats can take the risk of taking him out of the lineup, you just never know when this guy is going to take it to the house

but he does need to step it up and freakin catch the kicks! so frustrating to watch, but still, he could do that all game then catch one and take it to the house...its hard to get mad at a guy with as much skill as Thiggy has :x

Except when he doesn’t use it. The only one he even tried to catch was the one Thomas already had lined up on the opening kickoff. Almost cost us the ball. And yes, Renaud and Palardy were both kicking away from him. But with his speed, he should have been able to get under some of them. Does he have difficulty reading where the ball’s going?

I also look at the coaches for not using him in the game more. Is the confidence in his abilities not quite there yet?