Thiggy goes all the way!!!

Speedy B style, Da Bills :rockin:

You beat me to it. Marcus Thigpen scored a 75-yd punt-return TD against my beloved Green Bay Packers today. Classic Thiggy, he saw a tiny hole he could squeeze through, and then he was past the first 8 tacklers. All he had to do was follow his blockers into the end zone. Thiggy has done this everywhere he has played - here, Miami, and now, Buffalo.

Man our Special teams are like the North American academy of kick returners Thiggy, CW now Speedy B man we have produced some real burners game changers !!! :thup: :rockin:

May I add he did it in front of some Ticat season ticket holders!!! :wink:

Nice return, great to see, way to go Thiggy!!

I'm really happy for Thiggy. I hope the Bills find some other areas on the team where

he is useful. He deserves an even closer look.

And for those of you who missed it,or perhaps just want to see it one more time......just click on the link :rockin:

[url=] ... 3a66a89c10[/url]

Thanks for the video bobo, missed the game myself but it was great to see Marc making a name for himself down south.

I just read on the scratching post that Thiggy was at the Ticats office today.

I was happy to see him run that one back all the way. The guy still has it that's for sure.

Yup !! Thiggy and Dylan yesterday at 1 Jarvis...Thiggy = Pure class :thup: :thup:two thumbs up !!! :smiley:

He knows his roots , he is a class Act :rockin: :thup:

I am also happy to see him doing well in the NFL. I wish he was still with the Ticats, but I understand the draw to play in his own country and the money is much better. It was awesome to hear and see his pic at the Ticats offices.

So, who would be the fastest of Thigpen, Williams and Banks? I'm thinking it's SpeedyB.

Speed isn't everything though.

There's no question the we've been blessed these last few years with our return game, but don't forget it wasn't that long ago we were crying for some one to go North and South instead of East and West.
I just hope if we lose Speedy B that the scouts come up with a like replacement.
There's no question as to why we were in two consecutive cup games.
I hope our talent scouts go out and beat the bushes for that next Diamond in the rough.
Looking forward to next year.

Thats pretty cool that he is in Buffalo now. paying a visit back to Hamilton is even cooler.
Good times for the CFL. Free Agents crossing the border both ways and making some big impacts for both leagues makes it fun to follow

See: Sinkfield, Terrell and McDuffie, Quincie.

never know we could still see him up here full time. hes 28 now, a pretty small contract that the bills could easily pay out. back end of a 3yr/1.4 mil. 500k this year
and we all know these kids seem to get faster and faster every year.

come back home Thiggy