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"How is the CFL viewed in the U.S.?....
I don’t think there’s doubt in anybody’s mind that the CFL is big-time football. It’s just they don’t have the marketing or public relations behind it in the United States. You don’t have that vehicle out there pushing the player names. The people in the know know what’s going on, but the casual fans are not as familiar."

This quote from Joe Theismann just about sums up what I have thought about marketing the CFL. It's sad really, because the CFL is great entertainment value. Last night's game between the Argos and the Bombers, pre-season though it be, was one of the most entertaining I have ever seen, as good as, or better than anything I have seen in the NFL! It certainly was great to see big crowds at the Hamilton and Winnipeg pre-season games.

So, what will it take to make the CFL catch on big time here - at least to the point of rivalling hockey?