THF's new scoreboard

Is it just me, or does the new scoreboard as shown on the virtual venue appear smaller that IWS's old scoreboard?

Just found this

Tim Hortons Field will feature a high-definition, state-of-the-art new videoboard that is approximately 20% larger than the videoboard at Ivor Wynne Stadium to enhance the fans’ in-bowl experience.

What happened to the old scoreboard? The helicopter flying it into place when it was first set up was pretty neat.


            "In bowl experience"?????

Personal pet peeve alert!!!
I realize that "bowl" has come to mean any place where people can watch sports and other entertainment. But it's too bad THF is not bowl-shaped.
This stadium is just like two opposite platforms in a subway station. The fans are separated into two groups on opposite sides of the field. Also, it could become a wind tunnel. :frowning:
I sure hope there are plans to eventually put seats in at least one of the endzones.


I didn't even notice that.

(sigh) It is what it is.

Bowl design stadiums are just so dated and boring IMHO. The word that comes to mind is generic. It is what it is and thank goodness it isn't a bowl.

I hope that is just a designers concept or placeholder image. I hope the "real" scoreboard is better than that!

For those that need an “enclosed” stadium, maybe at some point they could move the escarpment to one end of the stadium (or at least put up a fake rock wall in the event moving the escarpment is too costly :wink: ) Sort of like this stadium in Portugal, Estádio Municipal de Braga. A natural shelf for the videoboard! And I thought quarries were boring. :wink: :

[url=] ... l_de_Braga[/url]

What's wrong with the old one? just hook it up and save a lot of money.

Fixed and added to it Earl!!!!! :lol: :thup:

Looks like something straight out of a Flintstones cartoon!!!!What a surprise the score reads one to nil :roll:

Good point, Mikem. That dilemma has puzzled me for some time. The current scoreboard looks perfectly fine
for our football fans. After all, this is Hamilton and our seasoned citizens are used to going second rate on just
about everything, particularly when it pertains to a football facility.

I agree; save the money for something else and hook up the old scoreboard if that's possible.

My main concern about the new stadium is leg room. I know the seats will be wide, but I hope I don't have to
plant my knees in somebody's back as I was forced to do in Guelph on Saturday. Apart from that, the Guelph
experience was great.

The slope is very gentle. IF anything you should have more leg room.

Why not use two scoreboards if they are intent on buying another one.

I don't think leg room is going to be an issue. The slabs that the seats are sitting on are supposed to be much wider than in the old stadium and meet the modern building code. Besides you won't have to plant your knees in someones back because all the seats have backs on them.

Legroom shouldn't be an issue at all unless you are ridiculously tall - lol.

"Tim Hortons Field will feature the largest average individual stadium seats of any outdoor facility in Canada. Every seat in the new stadium will be an individual seat. Seat sizes will range from a minimum of 21 inches to a maximum of 24 inches depending on seating sections.

Leg room between rows will be the widest in Canada for comparable facilities to ensure comfortable, easy passage through and across seating rows."

Hopefully 20% bigger is better, but i still wouldn't mind the old one.

It's still quite good IMO.

Who knows, maybe it's been sold or donated.

Maybe there is money is selling the old one :wink:

someone from the city worker of hamilton told me it was sold to montreal oh wait maybe he meant he stole it and sold in montreal

Are the going to use the ArcelorMittal Dofasco jumbo torn in the new stadium? Does anyone know?

read the post above

If they did build the stadium against the escarpment like that, they could carve the faces of Ticats greats into the rock. Something like mount Rushmore. :wink: