THF's endzone patio seating/ticketing

According to the virtual venue, the north endzone, under the video board has two tiers (yes, that's right). The lower level, closer to the field shows as section 110 Row with season's seats costing $495 ( minimum purchase of 2, wonder why...)

The upper level; (tier 2 :wink: ) shows as section 110 as well, row 2 with GA (presumably meaning general admission) costing $240

Does this mean that you cannot enter the north endzone patio unless you have a ticket for section 110? I assume as much

Here's the north endzone...

The south endzone shows 2 sections as well but only 1 tier

Section 120, closer to the field, is $795 per seasons`ticket (minimum 4 must be purchased).

The section behind appears to be the only patio section open to anyone else in the stadium. Virtual venue shows no pricing or tickets required for that section.

Couple of first impressions about that public section.

I wished it were physically higher so that those in the bar area could have a decent view of the field
And im thinking that area could get packed since its the only patio section accessible by any ticket holder, and wonder if it would be feasible to have that fencing along Cannon St. be flexible enough to bow out towards Cannon St as needed, seeing as there appears to plenty of room to do that.


Great pics and analysis Captain. But it's not that big of stadium, I mean in the Skydump you really can't go from Level 1 or whatever it's called to an upper level, last time I checked you entered a gate there and if you had 500 level tickets, sorry, no access to field level. That completely sucks. I pay for a ticket, I want full access to the stadium minus private boxes and areas, that I get but come on, I buy a ticket for the game and I can't get there an hour before game time and watch warmups from field level? What a f....n joke.

THF better let all ticket buyers watch warmups from field level I say or at least from the section that enters upon field level. Even Exhibition Stadium allowed that I believe.

From what I can tell ... ticket holders walk in at ground level, they take stairs/ramps/escalators/elevators up to the concourse level. The 100 level goes down from there. The club seats & suites sit atop the concourse/concession area. The 200 level sits atop that.

I'm guessing/assuming that if you don't have a ticket that starts with a "1" or "100" level, you would/should not be allowed down into the "field level" area for warmups etc.

I apologize for being so blunt but if you want the field level experience, buy a field level ticket.

In the old IWS you could go in any entrance and walk around the stadium, but in other stadiums like Frank Clair in Ottawa if your seat was on the South Side you wren't allowed into the North Side and vice versa you couldn't walk around the stadium.

Looking at the end zone areas on the virtual map it looks like the North end zone will be a permanent two level structure. I like the virtual picture of a player jumping into the end zone seats after scoring a TD, that will be a first for the Ticats. The South end zone looks like it's the only place they could put temporary seats for a Grey Cup. I guess that's why they could only get around 40,000 capacity for a GC.

As far as the minimum purchase of tickets, I believe the min two area is because you would be sitting at bar tables similar to the field side seats at IWS. The other end zone has a minimum purchase of four because you are sitting on a couch/sofa.
The team has to make money to survive and selling just a pair of tickets for a couch/sofa would just be bad business.

I'm going to wait until I see the finished product before passing judgement on these areas. Get the right mix of seat holders, and the end zones could be really happening.

the problem with letting people roam all over the stadium regardless, is, people buy cheap seats, then watch from the concourse above the 100 level. this also means empty seats, as those people are at the concourse.

this happens at the skydome all the time; the concourse level is always full all game with people watching from there rather than their seats. buy an endzone seat for cheap, but watch from centre field at the concourse.
you don't want that at THF.

May be the wrong forum but has anyone looked into the cost of a "Private Suite" ? I had heard that they were going for around $10,000 a season. No prices posted on the seat plan. If that price is correct that would be a bargain. That may be a better buy than the club seats if there were 12 people interested.
I think someone posted on here that they were buying a Club seat, if they had 12 on here that were interested they could possibly have a forum suite istead of the club seat.

It is listed on the virtual venue that the club hosting suite (at either end of the field beyond the club seat section) goes for $4000 per game , therefore I doubt a private suite would be available for $10,000 per season , more like per game.

That's pricey but the average private suite for the Bengals is $100,000 a season.

Like the idea of a few team members coming to the lounge for a beer at half time

8) Are you serious, Private suites for $10,000 a season ??? :roll:
  It is more like $5000.00 per game, and that doesn't include your food or drinks.  Those are extras !!

Encouraging to think Stala might still be in here in 2014.

That's why asked if anyone had heard what the actual price of a suite is. $5,000 a game would be $416 per person and I think you have to buy per season.

Got this from the old stadium prices, a suite with 12 tickets was only $2500

Well....if the Tiger-Cats can get a special seat in the North endzone for $495 (min of 2!) ....there goes my pipe dream of hopes for inexpensive end zone seats to connect the east and west stands.
Another Dalton McGuinty screw-up!

As the OP, I'd appreciate another thread on private suites. I started this endzone patio thread when it cam up in the scoreboard thread.

Was hoping to get some responses to my original post in terms of accessibility to the 4 distinct endzone patios.

If the higher, north endzone patio is general admission (standing room only perhaps?), I wonder what the maximum amount of those tickets they'd sell, and i'd assume it's first come, first serve in terms of getting a good seat as with any GA seating.

And again, do others here think that only the back patio in the south endzone is the only patio that other ticket holders can have access to? It appears that way to me.

In my opinion your assessment of the endzone patio area's is correct , only the top part of the South endzone will be accessible to everyone in the stadium.......if you look closely at the picture of the South endzone , there is a giant bar on the top tier of that patio for everyone to enjoy ... I read somewhere that was indeed going to be the case.
There are also rope baracades in the picture, presumably to keep anyone out of the bottom area that does not have a ticket for that particular area .

One thing that caught my eye when reading the benefits of season tickets in the endzone area's was that there would be extended access to the lounges pre and post game , the post game access is something new for sure.

I am also wondering if the huge bar in the south end will be open post game for all those to enjoy who desire to. if so. it will certainly generate a lot of extra revenue .



To me, it looks like the entire south patio (both sections) are on one level. no top or bottom.

Can you have another look?

if that's the case, i'd love to see it elevated, and possibly extended to the south. that could be a great gathering spot.

Would love to see both of those sections opened up for road games to watch on the big board, and imbibe at that bar.

Thanks for the response.

Yes you are correct, it does not look elevated front to back , it should be though, as you said , it would indeed be a heck of party place to watch away games . Hopefully this is one of the things they have it mind. I very much like the idea of being able to have a drink after the game at that bar.

Notice there is a railing or roped off section closest to the field where couches are located in the south end so I assume those are reserved ticketed seats in that area closest to the field. From the description on the THF website I’m assuming the area behind those ropes is the Pioneer End Zone Terrace which will not be ticketed and be open to everyone in the stadium.

On the THF website it is described -‘Located in the South Endzone, this 10,000 square foot terrace is accessible to anyone in the stadium. Whether you are sitting on the east side or the west side, the Pioneer Endzone Terrace will be the central meeting place for all TigerTown fans alike. With multiple vendors and one of the largest circular bars in Canada, the Pioneer Endzone Terrace will provide a truly unique fan experience.’