THF transforms to the CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium

I was down in the area of Tim Hortons Field today and you would not have a clue that was the name of the stadium any more as everything is now CIBC Pan Am signage. It actually looks quite colourful and festive.

The trilingual temporary name of THF

Most of the south plaza is now all fenced in with all kinds of banners and tents

Scotiabank Gate? CIBC says No!

White tape or black cloths cover anything Tim Hortons

Tents, sponsor displays and all the flags on the south patio

No more ugly eyesore Scott Park - Yay!

More of the Pan Am signage

View from the corner of Balsam and Cannon

No sign of Tim Hortons here on the wall facing Balsam

From the northeast corner. Direct Energy gate sign also covered up.

Looks like a temp Bell cell tower set up there

Some Club seats turned into press seats

Trailers that I saw some security people coming and going from and tents on the north patio too.

Streets around the stadium beginning to be blocked off

Even the Tim Hortons Field sign on the back of the Inaugural Season wall is taped over - lol

I'll be going to a couple of nights of soccer when Canada is playing. Supposedly tickets for the men's Canada games are going fairly well and the men's final has sold out but some of the preliminary games so far look to have fewer than 5,000 tickets sold. Hopefully they get decent walkups each day because the tickets are really quite cheap especially for kids and seniors.

And this last picture the view from the balcony of my new place on Queen North. Gonna be easy getting to Ti-Cats games now - a quick bike ride along the Cannon Street bike lanes and I'm there in no time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pics. Having signs with Toronto all over our stadium makes me sick!!

Thanks once again for another incredible photo tour, Travel. You answered questions I hadn't even asked!

But look at the direction sign in front of our big video board closely.

Do I smell a Timmie's outlet somewhere in the East Stands? Perhaps there is still a small bit of Tim Hortons left!

Oskee wee wee

Great pictures....thanks. They have done a good job transforming the place for the Pan-Am Games.