THF Sell-Out Watch

Yep, time to see if the sell-out streak continues.

First up a freakin' pre-season game on the 8th against Ottawa, which of course nobody will bother...


Well then...!

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Only 2,700 tickets sold so far for #Redblacks-#Als preseason game on June 13th in Laval. #CFL

Yes, and 2,600 are probably Als and REDBLACK fans driving up from Montreal and Ottawa................. :roll:
I know that Ottawa has a bus trip for some of their fans and I'm sure the Als do too. One reason why QC was chosen, both teams fans could easily drive to QC, it looks like they will be the only fans there.
No matter how they spin it, Quebec is not interested in the CFL

i have 2 tickets available for the game sec 103 row 7 right behind Cats bench. cant go im on afternoon shift. :cry:

send me a message if you are interested

Not at all surprised. As a season ticket holder (and I assume all holders as well) received an email for free tickets for my friends to order online for the preseason game. I think this is referred to as "papering the house".

Friends and Family Tickets - Powered by Nissan


Ottawa Redblacks Logo

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Logo


Hi Michael XXXXX,

We start our pursuit of the 103rd Grey Cup in only a few short weeks!

As an added benefit of being a season seat holder, Nissan would like to give you the opportunity to invite your friends to join you at Tim Hortons Field to watch us take on the Ottawa REDBLACKS at our home pre-season game on June 8th.

Every friend you invite will receive up to 4 tickets, courtesy of Nissan, when they sign up for Ticats All Access, the official Tiger-Cats fan membership program.

Copy and paste the link below and share it with your friends!

Doesn't a streak mean more than 1 in a row?
Giving away free tickets to season ticket holders is not a matter how you spin it.
Last season there shouldn't have even been any to give away especially since you only had a partial stadium to fill.
Oh well as long as it looks good on tv thats where all the fans seem to be watching from

Pre-season games don't count for any streaks, statistically on the field, or attendance-wise.

Also the number of tickets left on ticketmaster is not necessarily the real number of tickets left.
I went to the Ticat store last week to buy some extra tickets for one of the August games, and there were lots more tickets shown on the computers there than on ticketmaster.

Then I guess you obviously don't think your precious TFC sells-out every game with all its giveaways.

Pretty much every seat gone = 9 straight home team games THF has sold out yep a streak any way you slice it

From what I recall, the six home regular season games at THF plus the playoff game were sold out. As for the pre-season game, if Nissan buys the tickets and gives them away or fans buy them, what does it matter?

Now if a large number of tickets holders don't bother to show up, you can always call it a TFC sell-out... :smiley:

As far as I'm concerned, if the pre-season game sells out, I'm counting it...

That’s right, if someone buys the tickets whether it’s Nissan or some individual decides to buy a few thousand tickets and gives them away to his friends what does it matter, them seats are still sold.
They obviously want these people that were given the tickets to show up and buy concession. A lot of people spend more on concessions than they do on their tickets.

so nissan bought all those tickets given out last year to sth's for changing their seats?
and giving out more this year on nissans dime? i have no issues with that but theres a but there
So when the cats do it it's all good and when other places give away tix its not?
My whole point was the fact that the facility that had partial capacity ..a new facility at that.. that still needed to give away tickets or even had them available to give away kind of goes against all the "success" that is being portrayed here.
I do wish good things for the cats but realistically there should be no need for any giveaways there should be a demand issue.
When i read threads like this there is the undertone of look how good we are doing but when you look at the whole picture ...

All of your arguments make sense. One thing you have overlooked is that a pre-season game is not a big drawer of fans as it is meaningless in the standings. If STH didn't have to buy tickets, as part of their package, you could literally shoot off a cannon (on Cannon Street - how is that for symmetry?) without hitting any fans.


Since any first exhibition game is a glorified practice its a wonder there is any interest beyond the diehards and seat holders.

Some of us can remember years past if an ex game drew more than a five digit sized crown it raised an eyebrow..

This is what success looks like people. To complain about "papering the house" is almost tragic.

I think you missed the point, - Nissan - BOUGHT the tickets, they paid the Ticats for them and the Ticats received the revenue. Whether it's one corporation buying 3,000 tickets and giving them away or 3,000 individuals who bought them and gave them away, makes no difference. They are giving away or distributing tickets that were already purchased.
That is a huge difference from the Ticats "giving away" tickets,

I know Monday's game is not broadcast on TSN but does anyone going to the game at THF have the Periscope app on either Android or iPhone that they could broadcast a feed ?

I think its a bit of a travesty that TSN would rather broadcast soccer on their 5 channels rather than the 1st CFL game since the 2014 Grey Cup. A lot of us in Ottawa would love to catch some sort of feed..

The classify the Women's World Cup as just soccer is a bit misleading. We are talking about a huge event that is being played in this country. As big of a fan of the CFL as I am, I completely understand TSN wanting to show World Cup games over a preseason game.

Now, with five channels and most households receiving two of those channels (I believe TSN 1, 3, 4 and 5 are regional-ish, with TSN 2 being national or something like that) they could probably show the soccer game on one channel and the preseason game on the other. While I want TSN to show more preseason games, it is hard to rake them over the coals for it this summer. The Women's World Cup is a MASSIVE event and more important and noteworthy than a CFL preseason game.

Except that there's one game on TSN2 at 7:00 and another on 1,3,4,5 at 7:30.

Yes because there's 2 games on at the same time they're trying to use the regional channels as national channels as well as the national channel. I wonder what ratings for the WWC will be like. I heard they're approaching 1 million tickets sold for the tournament.

Completely agree with having the WWC on, but TSN launched these 5 networks as a way to show more sports. The CFL game should be on the ontario feed and the second soccer game on the rest. If you have TSN 3 in Ontario you likely have TSN 1 4 and 5.