THF food and prices

I know they're trying to with concessions but 1. the prices are horrendous and 2. the portions are also horrendous. Hopefully the picture shows up but this is what $5.25 (traditional fries) got me. All I could do is laugh.

I think I paid $20 for a couple of cokes, three dried up chicken fingers and a similar amount of fries at the Montreal game. I was running late and my youngest who goes to one game a year with me likes to eat at the stadium. Otherwise I avoid eating there. We should also start posting photos of the food! For $5 that small plate should be over flowing with fries!

I mentioned it in another thread, but the prices are in line with other stadiums in North America, its the quality and qualtity of food.
Other than Pizza - the rest is crazy.
A regular size package of skittles for $5? Some games its a bag, some games its a package.

I agree the prices are in line with other stadiums if my little fries holder was full. It's like they used tweezers to put the fries in my cup.

If your concern is food, then are you really there for the football? If you can't go 3-4 hours without shoving junk food down your gullet... then I suppose there is no hope for you.

How about this... eat before and/or after the game at home, or at least at some much cheaper local place near THF.

With this attitude…why have concessions (or beer sales) at any events? :roll:

Yep. It's your fault customer. There is no reason for you to expect good service. Just avoid eating there at all.

Ya, two beers, two waters and two bland hotdogs.....$38.00. The quality needs to improve for the price we are paying. I am all for supporting the team but the quality and quantity needs to be addressed going forward.
The only other thing about the new stadium is at half time the crowds on the second level concourse are tremendous..very little room to move, but it is only for a short time and most people were smiling. :smiley:

haha what the hell? This is the wackiest comment ever. If my little basket was filled, not overflowing but filled I would of been fine. I guess I shouldnt be a STH anymore since I'm only there for the gourmet and I'm not allowed to purchase fries or any other refreshment anymore since if I do I'm not there for the football on the field.

Give him time, i promise there will be whackier ( is that spelled right CFF :wink: )

I don't normally as a rule eat or drink beer at the stadium,but yesterday I broke down in the 3rd quarter and got myself a cheeseburger and fries combo with a Coors light to wash it down with. The combo was $12.00 which I thought was reasonable for stadium food and also quite tasty. The total price with the beer included was $21.50 which really isn't all that far off to what you would pay at a restaurant or roadhouse.

To be fair my issue is not with the price, my issue is what I got with the price paid. like I was saying if my basket you know was at least filled I would have no problem but it was'nt even close. It was like someone at a bit of it and asked me if I wanted the rest.

CFF doesn't like it when people leave their seats to buy food because it makes the stadium look empty on TV and interferes with his enjoyment of the game.

As for why he feels the need to insult people all the time ... I'm not sure anyone has figured that one out yet.

Think about it!
Try running a restaurant that is open for only 3 hours, 10 days a year,
Your profit margin would be extremely thin. :cowboy:

This sums up the reality of the situation perfectly.

Try running a resturant for a few hours a year that is so expensive, so costly, and so poor service that the captive customer base of 40,000 avoids patronizing you!

huh? No it doesn't, You forecast what you think you will sell based on previous sales and in turn order that quantity. Food markup is usually the biggest markup in any restaurant. I will bet you their profit margin is not thin with concessions. Besides this doesn't even argue your point at all in regards to someone buying food and not watching the game or what I was saying either.

Even with this point you're saying because they're only open 10 days a year I should get 10 fries for my $5?

It is what it is. If you're unhappy with the quantity or price of your food, then you have the right as a consumer to no longer buy the food.

So exercise your right as a consumer, and spend your food budget on game day elsewhere.

And the non-patron effect is the only way to change things. Vote with your dollars if you are unhappy.

I'm also exercising my right to voice my displeasure of the food portion to cost ratio so hopefully the vendor realizes this and puts changes in place.