THF : Food and Drink Service

Wouldn't usually reply to this, but in this case I shall. It was actually me (a non-vegetarian) who posted a mere suggestion to offer veggie dogs because my 9 year old vegetarian daughter asked for them. Further, the "beef" (pardon the pun) I really had was that no one from the organisation bothered to reply. Happy to report they now have and kudos to them.

Of course there are vegetarian options available and she enjoys the cheese pizza, pop corn, etc. She simply wants a veggie dog when I have a hotdog. Hence, a very specific yet simple suggestion. It's incredible and perhaps a symptom of the times we live in that everything now has to be a polarised debate/I don't like it so you it's bad/"vegetarians eat before or after the game".

There, now's it's off my chest. Have a good day, jonesy.

I close by reiterating that I feel the concessions, in general, showed a noticeable improvement since last year. That's based on my own experience, of course. But, I left happy. And, so did the vegetarian kid! :slight_smile:

Was thinking PB + J sarnies. I dont know what you thought I was driving at.