THF : Food and Drink Service

Same old ? crap! Half cooked hotdogs , cold pizza ?, couldn’t scan my points card on my phone !!! What a joke ! I bet the food service is much better up in the caretakers club ! For us common folk it’s the same old story

I won't spend a penny on food at the stadium concessions until Levy's is out. The root of the problem is there aren't enough events at the stadium each year for the contractor to care about getting things right.

BBQ stand at gate 1 is better than last year ("southern fried" cauliflower was almost spectacular, could have been better with slightly smaller pieces, but the flavouring was spot on)

whole hog on a bun was great.

Seems like the permanent concession by my section has switched to a burger themed place.... i'm intrigued, but still having trouble pulling away from the pork sammich.

Also.... the regular concessions suck as hard as our first stringers did last night.

I actually thought the concessions improved significantly. I ordered a hotdog and thought it was pretty good. Ditto for the poutine. The lineups moved quicker and the servers actually smiled and knew what they were doing. No problems scanning the mobile card. Heck, there was even a guy who was in a "host" role asking how we are doing and if everything is going OK at the concessions. I told him that I felt these were the best concessions since the stadium opened. My humble opinion, of course.

pizza pizza ran out of pizza before halftime. waited about 15 mins for chicken fingers and fries. same old crap

I might buy a beer or coke at a game, but never food. I go to restaurants when I want quality food - not a stadium of all places. Stadiums do two things well... bring people together, and host sporting events. Everything else is typically sub par.

Are you guys also shocked when your meal on an airline sucks? :slight_smile:

agreed, if you are a foodie, stadiums and arenas are not where you should be putting your food dollar. On the other hand, I found the food quite good on Friday, and I love the craft beer area on the east side with the lounges

Visit some MLB ballparks and report back :slight_smile:

BMO was pretty good last year, I guess MLSE knows what they are doing

The Hog on the Bun is as good as anything you'll find at any MLB park.

MLB and CFL football are on two totally different levels. Not comparable really.

MLB teams host 80+ home games per season, so of course the food is a little better. Still not at the level of an average restaurant though.

Since wieners always come from the processor fully cooked it's unlikely hot dogs at the Stipley are only half cooked. I wonder though, if the secret to the supreme flavour from the hot dog at the Stipley is that they are made not with beef wieners; nor with beef/pork wieners; nor with pork alone wieners; nor are they pork/chicken wieners, but they are served with the award winning grade A Maple Lodge chicken wiener.

Agreed on MLB. However the concessions at IWS were far and away better. With actual BBQs on the corners of the stadium with hot dogs/sausages/hamburgers/ chicken.

Is that too much for?

I have an interesting idea for a delicious concession offering....

I definitely agree, the food at BMO is significantly better and the lines move alot faster. I miss IWS where it had that giant bbq below the endzone stands with some yummy sausages Om nom nom.

DON'T SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!

I do seem to recall someone asking for more vegetarian options....

They should make a sign up for the vegetarians and post it at all the concession stands - "if you are a vegetarian please eat before or after the game since the demand for vegetarian food is low"

It's like complaining that Argo jerseys or TFC soccer shirts should be for sale everywhere at THF because a few people would want them............. :wink:

Ummmm... dripping in butter....

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