THF Capacity limits locked in for home opener

With Ontario pausing reopening plans (post stage 3) it looks like the capacity limits for tim hortons field will be set at 15,000 fans for the foreseeable future. I wonder if vaccination will be required to enter like in Winnipeg…?

How did they check people?

:sunglasses: Yes, capacity will be 15,000 fans.

No mention of vaccinations as of yet.

Masks however will be mandatory !!!

More than Toronto would get in a non-covid scenario


It will be in Montreal as of Sept 1st

As well as MLSE, Argos too.
Reports from Naylor is that the Redbacks will follow.
Hopefully the City of Hamilton gets in gear.

In Montreal its a Provincial mandate, I would assume that if Toronto and Ottawa are going to do it, it comes from Ontario as well

About 3 weeks ago I emailed every politician (federal, provincial & local) who is my representative about enforcing vaccine mandate for entry. Everyone was totally against it. Now (other than Ford) they are slowly changing their stance. I email our new MOH and have heard nothing back. I emailed the Cats and crickets.

For those of us concerned (there are a few of us), we need to keep up the pressure. Our biggest douche in charge (Doug Ford) has painted himself into a corner with his stance and it’ll take everyone openly criticizing his decision for him to backtrack. Like a tempestuous child!


MLSE has already announced it. Without government mandate.
Maybe it's because they own the stadiums they operate in?

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The City of Toronto owns and runs BMO

No problem with vaccines required for everyone, but don't see why masks are needed when sitting outside.

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So true - No spread of covid linked to the recent euro soccer tournament - packed stadiums with screaming / singing fans.

If the capacity limit is set at 15,000 there should be no problem with social distancing in the stands at THF .

I can understand having a mandatory mask wearing at the entrance gates and on the concourses but once in your seat there should be a mask optional policy . I for one have been doubled dosed as has my son and have no intention of sitting outside for 3+ hours wearing a mask .

I will wear one while on the concourse , in a concession line-up or in a washroom but there is absolutely no reason to wear one in my seat while there is 9,000 + seats that will be not available for sale to the public .

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Most people seem to prefer the concourse anyway. THF's design even invites it.

It is your choice but 2 vaccine shots still doesn't make you bulletproof. There have been breakthrough infections especially with the Delta variant.

It is still important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. You never know who sneezed into that wind that's blowing your way.

Then the city of Hamilton can get their stuff together and do the same.

Point is I'm not sure the Ticats can do it in a stadium they don't own. From a PR perspective I'm sure they would rather it come from the city.

Yup , I hear you . You never know but that person could've been the same person sneezing in the underwear aisle at Wal-Mart or on the back nine on the golf course .

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Really? "No spread"? Come on now...

Granted all these cases aren't directly related to stadium attendance but plenty would likely be.

I believe Sask is reporting cases linked to the Mosaic game as well.

While I strive to keep politics out of my posts, Ford seems to have bowerd to pressure and mandated that every PC MPP must be fully vaccinated, after news broke that two MPPs are refusing the shot. All Federal employees must be fully-vaccinated (legitimate medical and religious exemptions aside), or be subject to constant screening, contact-tracing, testing, and PPE wear in the workplace.
We are entering the "Silly Season" of a Federal election. Can we please keep the political commentary OFF this board, no matter what party you support?

I am a big proponent of a vaccine passport. I am a big proponent of personal freedoms, too. The two are NOT mutually exclusive. The passport gives you MORE freedoms and priviliges than NOT having one (domestic and international travel, stadia, arenas, movie theatres, restaurants, etc) are all easier to patronize when you have proof of vaccination. It's the Hamilton public health department that needs to mandate this for THF.


You’re misinformed. The Provincial legislation states that masks need to be worn for the duration of the game. So you’re telling us you’re creature comfort while sitting in your seats and cheering, with your spit flowing over those around you…who may or may not be vaccinated…is Ok? Read the science…you are still able to spread Covid-19 and it’s now being proven in the US how dangerous the Delta variant is.
Why would you refuse to wear a mask…I don’t get your logic.