They want MORE replays?

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Welllll then....fuck you to CFL you stupid shits! fucking want to make more fucking replays? You haven't fucked up this game enough? It is un****ing watchable as it the shit stain stands now. The CFL is a better fucking game that the NFL will lesser talent, but it is so fucked up that people don't fucking watch it any more. So fucking many people used to fucking watch multiple fucking games a week, but now it is fucking shit and most only watch their fucking team an very fucking little of other fucking teams. You dumb shits have taken a good fucking game and you fucking broke had one anomalous bad fucking season and you fucking reinvent the game with too many fucking rule changes and too many that favor the fucking o to the point that players only go for big hits and fucking hurt other fucking players because they can't fucking cover without a flag half the fucking time. You call a fucking penalty on over 20 fucking percent of the fucking plays and your fucking reviews and shitty fucking cuddles sessions slow the fucking game down to a fucking snail pace. People can't fucking celebrate a big fucking play until they fucking looking for stupid fucking flags because it has become the expected fucking norm. Your stupid fucking shits doing replays from fuck wad command center get one out of every fucking 15 replays wrong to the fucking point you have to fucking apologize for the shit call. Listen to your fucking fans. You either don't fucking listen, don't fucking care or don't fucking comprehend that you are losing your fucking fan base.

And doing a count...yes, that was 48 fucks in this fucked up rhyme.

Post script;
fuck you

ooo...51 and 7 shits because you deserve it ****

there, that is better

I'll politely agree with depop. More replay officials, OK. More situations that can be reviewed, NO! They need to scale back video review not crank it up. The system is broke beyond repair. The league needs to take a page from the NFL's history and remove video replay from the game. Take a couple of seasons to rebuild it, trial it, tweak it and then bring it back when it works. The NFL's video review was a complete disaster when it started in the late 80s-early 90s. They shut it down for a few seasons and when it was brought back, from what I'm told, it was much improved.

Sometime you need to destroy it to rebuild it right.

You had a problem with your colour settings FYB, but I fixed it for you. :cowboy:

Are they looking to do more replay reviews, or increasing the number of things that can be reviewed? If the former, that would cause delays, dragging out games, and cause fan frustration. If the latter, there would be the same number of reviews, so no extra delays, and maybe even less frustration - assuming they can get the reviews correct. That, in my opinion, is the biggest problem with the current review system. And perhaps the extra people in the command centre will improve the quality of the reviews.

Both. So they will have more incompetent boobs looking at for situations more often.

Can you say 4 1/2 hour games?

if it goes through i am done with cfl

I love replays. Shows the actually Truth of a play. Nice Love it!!!! More Please

oh phooey :slight_smile:

Totally agree - stupid idea!! I am willing to live with my team occasionally getting jobbed by a bad call if it means sub-3 hour games. What we have now is a lot of fans (at least here) unwilling to sit through 3+ hours of interminable flags, breaks, reviews, injury timeouts, more flags and another review.

A lot of people now just say 'to hell with it' and make their way to the exits early in the 4th quarter. Can you blame these folks? A lot of them have a long trek home, work the next day, or a babysitter looking after their children etc.

Adding more replay reviews to each game, not just more types of reviews, is definitely a step in the wrong direction. Nobody wants games to go longer.

But some of the other things they're looking at are just plain bizarre. Teams must go for third down if inside the 25, and if they fail, they get to try for a long field goal. Excuse me, but what?! Why is this even on the table? No. Just no.

Apparently, the must go for 1st in the red zone was submitted by a fan. Thankfully, it's not expected to gain any traction.

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Perhaps if the XFL ever we're to re launch, the file can be dusted off for them :lol:

must have been johnny whats his name this week

I am a die hard CFL fan for over 35 years. If they adopt that, I will drop this league like a bad habit.

More replay is a cop out to actually doing something to improve the officiating on the field. In one of Kirk Penton's CFL insiders say feature in the sun earlier this season he noted one person had said there was growing support around the league to allow bringing in Americans to be officials, the implication being coaching and management around the league is becoming more and more frustrated with officiating. If true, then any proposal at expanding replay is just a ploy to pacify the criticism of the officials while still supporting them. This is, of course, pointless since they are already reticent to overturn any call made on the field.

sure, lets bring in a bunch of guys who don't know the rules of our game.

NFL refs are no better and if there are any better guys that the cfl could bring in, the NFL would grab them first.

Who's Kirk Penton? And who's "one person" who claimed that there was growing support "around the League" to bring in US officials...who I assume would be NCAA guys who would barely even know that 3 down ball even exists!

Yeah, sounds like a real winner.

Maybe fan expectations of officials in the CFL (and the NFL) are unrealistic. And does anybody really think that the rules committee, comprised primarily of coaches and GM's, make changes to the rules for "the good of the game"? Hardly. They do it thinking they can gain an advantage and manipulate the game.

More replay? Good lord no.

Don't need more replays, just need to be able to get the call right on the field or in the booth. If more eyes in the booth and more camera angles help, I am for that. Too many times the TSN analysts are looking at replays and they are talking about not having the right camera angles to see.

Too many people willing to give up on a league is why the league is where it is. Canadians are not very supportive at all. That is why you get 20,000 at American high school games. They show support. Sure, things can be improved, but I wouldn't go so far as to stop supporting my Argos.
I don't mind the reviews, since they come between plays, unlike flags, that get thrown during a play. I just think they need to put a timer on, like 40 seconds for the review and then a decision must be made. It is the long reviews and the conferences between officials when trying to determine penalty calls that is dragging things out. I still love the game, whether it takes 3 hour or 4 hours.

Officiating in the CFL is atrocious. Adding more situations open to review gives officials even less reason to improve their game. They have little incentive to get PI correct because of review. They need to drop video review and rebuild it. Take 2 seasons to revamp the entire system and bring it back when they can make it work. In that time they can work on the on field officials who will then have a big incentive to get it right on their own.