They should bring back Friday Night Football

They should bring back Friday night football, I thought tsn did a great job on that a few years back, it created excitement on t,v, and got you excited about the games coming up ? Great television song for the cfl.

Not quite sure what you are talking about ? Friday Night Football never went away and is scheduled for the entire season with the exception being Labour Day weekend .

I meant the advertisement that used to start the game off.

Oh okay , it’s kinda funny but I’ve never really paid that much attention , never really noticed that they supposedly don’t use it anymore . Will have to watch tonight and see exactly what you mean .

Yeah, that’s it, they need to do a lot more of that kind of advertising. Throughout the week wouldn’t hurt either. I like it.

They need to do a little brainwashing

I always liked the promo and build up for Friday Night Football.
I think it has gone away, to promote Thursday Nights for the summer.

Not sure which one of these was old and which is new. I liked the top one better. Less CGI, more action. Also liked the rock and roll music better in the top one, but I’m old, so that figures…

Either way…thanks a bunch for posting these!

Friday Night Football exhibition game on channel 3 and 5 TSN only .

First brother against brother as head coaches game .

This game may be rescheduled - due to smoke :frowning:

I hope it goes, but … what do you do.

Hopefully it won’t be but if it is you still have the Eskimo-Bomber game as an option .In fact I’m watching it right now . Score is currently sitting at 3-0 for the BB’s in the 1rst quarter . Here is the link to the live stream…Enjoy !!! 8)

Always pumped me up for a beer & a game!

TSN needs to bring backShultzie.

YES, they should bring FNF back! TSN is run by jackasses, and so are the Blue Jays (but I didn’t say that)

And yes, bring back Shultzie!!