They just need time...

...oh wait, please excuse the de ja vu. I hope to h*ll I don't hear anyone from management sing this song again. Scoring 2 points in 2 home games is a SHAME, especially at this point in the season.

the time has come to FIRE PAO PAO

Whatever it takes to get Jason "comfortable".

I've tried telling myself all season that they just need time to gel. After the game against Winnipeg last week I was sure that was actually happening. Now, I doubt it will ever happen. In the importal words of Homer Simpson: "That team is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked."

I've been sitting patiently in my Box-I seat all season waiting for the anticipated explosion of offence that a team with this many "stars" promised.

2 points in the past two home games! :thdn:

How is this possible???

How can a quarterback, with his reputation, routinely miss his open receivers? I'm beginning to wonder if someone has placed a voo-doo curse on QBs in this town.

How can receivers, with all the credentials that our boys have, continually break at six yards when we need seven or eight yards for the first down?

How can a running game take hold when the RB can't find the hole, if indeed there is one, and continually charges into his own line?

Fire the coach? - boy, that really helped!
Fire Yeast? - yep, that sure made our offence better!

Who do we fire next? And more importantly, when does the airlift begin?


Come on There is No Effort to Win at Home..
the offence looked bad..
The Special teams Looked bad
the Defence Ran out of Gas

we did't win one part the Game Last Night.

Special Teams Argos WON
Defence Argos WON
Offence Argos Won

Final Score Toronto 20 - Hamilton 2

No Effort no Win..

Arguable, those 2 points were gimmes. The Ticat offense hasn't scored a single point in 2 games!!!

Maybe Marshall wasn't the only problem on this team.

An Argo fan