They just keep dying

seems like every day I am reading about 1 or 2 athletes/entertainers dying. Wish they would stop that. I fear that one of these days I am going to look around and see that I am the only one left alive that I know.


FYB, I hear ya. I was bummed out when David Bowie and Prince died within a year apart


On the bright side, you're alive & they're not, so don't complain too hard. :smiley:

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Heard the Olivia Newton John died. So sad. I met her daughter when she appeared at my place of work. Olivia's daughter is stunning very much like her.. So sad.



not so sure that is a bright side

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That's how I feel every morning when I get up. Fortunately coffee helps. :coffee::coffee::coffee:. Sad to see the stars of our youth slipping away it's true. For me it's Meatloaf & Eddie Van Halen semi-recently.

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It's kinda of a time stamp as we watch lot's of reruns of the Mary Tyler Moor Show and now they have all passed away .

For me it's the celebs you related to most for some common reference or sense of humour .

John Candy . represented youth , loved Canadian football and being himself an over weight guy that wasn't full of himself down to earth .

Norm Macdonald which I started liking maybe 8 or 9 years ago after dismissing him as too dry decades earlier . He Grew up in the Ottawa area still had that Canadian style humour and talk .. man I Really liked his sense of humour .

Again a down to earth guy .

Then the son of a gun and his Youtube presence had me laughing thru the pandemic many many times .

Then when he passed you felt you knew him .

lastly ,

RIP Olivia Newton John .


Let’s not forget Phil Hartman who was murdered at a relatively young age. My favourite funny Canadian ever.


Yep we watched the first 4 seasons of Talk Radio on Youtube recently ; he was brilliant on that and SNL .

His Bill Clinton still gets me .


Hartman's Frankenstien cracked me up.


Hey you don't want to be the last one left alive... Chico can help you with that.


Chico : Right now I’d do anything for money. I’d kill somebody for money. I’d kill you for money.
[Harpo looks dejected .]
Chico : Ha ha ha. Ah, no. You’re my friend. I’d kill you for nothing.
[Harpo smiles ]


In my opinion he was the funniest cast member of SNL ever. In addition to a great Clinton he did an awesome Reagan. I also loved Frankenstein and Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. My favourite, however, was his Frank Sinatra. “You’re just swimming in my wake”.
He was the best cast member during the late 80’s and early 90’s which was the all time peak of the show with the all time best cast. Lovitz, Carvey, Sandler, Myers, Rock, Schneider, Farley, Miller, Hooks and Spade. We used to have viewing parties and Hartman was everyone’s fave.

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Man... Farley's gone too. Must've been his exposure to gamma rays.

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Hooks is long gone too.

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Does Phil Hartman count as funny Canadian ever? He was born in Canada, but raised in the US. He never quite had Canadian material in his career. He pandered to an American audience.

To me, the funniest Canadian is Russel Peters. If he was American or Afro-decent, he'd be huge

Somehow I missed that Ray Liotta died in January. He was a great gangster.

It's been a bad few months for well known actors in gangster rolls . Not only have we lost Ray Liotta but also his fellow cast mate in Good Fellas Paul Sorvino as well as James Caan who was of course Sonny Corleone in The Godfather and also Tony Sirico who played Paulie Walnuts on the Sopranos .

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That's a pretty good crew. A lot of potential earners and enforcers in that group. LOL!

Yup. I knew about all those guys and paid tribute in my own ways. But I totally missed on Liotta. How did he die. I read on Wiki onlythat he died in Dominican and was 67. Young really.

Well for one thing it wasn't January that he passed but more recently on May 26th . You are right though about the Dominican . He was there filming a movie called "Dangerous Waters" and apparently all that was reported was that he died in his sleep at the young age of 67 .

Here is a news story about his sudden and unexpected death as well as his long career in the entertainment industry...