C'MON GUYS, IT TOCK THEM 8 YEARS BUT THEY FINALLY DID it... you aren't intrerested are ya? eh?

Absolutely KK. Curling is a great game, tried it a few times, more difficult than it looks, the physical part. And the strategy is quite complicated from what I could see, would take years to learn this at a high level.
Way to go boys!

I think I'll start taking more of an intrerest in it. but I still gotta learn all the rules frist.

Adding a little more info helps as well

NBC doesn't have a story out for it or pics yet! Sure TSN has something by now.

curling is only a physical game if you are the lead or 2nd. 3rd and skip do very little work. esp the skip. they may be the brains of the operation but need no athletic ability whatsoever. that being said i quite like curling as a game and was happy to see the favorites finally get their gold.

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here we go

For all the people who complained about Canada coming short of the projected 25 medal early in the games, at this moment, Canada has 20 medals and have had 9 4th place finishes. Not too shabby IMO. Canada will be ready for 2010 in Vancouver.

Kanga you are NOT Canadian

Thank you that is all

Well actually not everything. They got a 6 ender in the Gold-Medal game. That is absolutely crazy. that level of play a 6 is pretty incredible.......

BS, I'm not yet, wait for me.

I missed the medal cerimony for the Women Ice Hockey team cuz I wasn't Canadian and I believe that only real Canadains should enjoy the moment, so I walked out of the bar I watched the game in and didn't see it.

6 in one end, that is pretty cool (didn't see it, HAD to go to class, no and's, if's, or butt's) and a granteed win. didn't watch a medal ceremony where a Canadian team won gold because you felt it to be sacreligous? Unreal.....

Are you going to change the rules that say put in contact curling hip checks!

no, the game seems good they way it is, scoring is a bugger to firgue out.

jm02, at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. I don't even know how to sing Oh Canada! yet. and I did it out of respect.

Scoring is simple.....the closest to the pin counts the points.....your logic is suspect at best, Kanga.....walking out on a medal ceremony because you don't want to appear insulting to Canadians? That is one of the dumbest things I've read yet.....

Then why are you on here celebrating team Canada wins, if you won’t watch the medal ceremonies. I think the former is way more disrespectful then the latter. But then again, it really doesn’t suprise me

I have to agree with Kanga - a non-Canadian watching the presentation of the gold medal to the women’s hockey team is just not right - certainly it would qualify as sacriledge!!

I am sure the Olympic organizers took all necessary steps all through the games to clear the venues of non-Canadians from witnessing the medal presentations, when a Canadian won a medal (not just for hockey)

This will have been kind of an imposition for the fans of the countries that won the other 2 medals when a Canadian was on the podium, but a sense of decorum must be maintained at all costs! point.....

6 points in one end and Gushue missed the draw for 7. My secretary is from Newfoundland (so she was really into the game but couldn't watch it since she was at work) and I called her to tell her that they were throwing a draw for seven and she tried to call me on bs. Gushue is going to get razzed for that one.