They gotta play better!!!

The stamps better wake up and start playing some defense. Hanging on to win a game that sees their opponents 2 and 3rd string QB's is not going to cut it, yea Buck Pierce is ok, but defensively they better tighten up. I didn't think the win today was particular strong. Burris needs to run more as well as using more screen plays to Reynolds.

As expected, Calgary played much better and won. But the western final is sure to be tougher. Calgary main weakness seems to be pass defense. Has any team won the grey cup with the worst pass defense in the league?

Hey Congrats on your win. We may have been playing "Vanilla Defense" but full marks for bouncing back from the week before.

Hope you make it to the Western Final.

....Thanks Sporty, must be kinda tough having two of your favourite teams battling for the top spot, like when your kids ask who you love more....

Just get by the Riders so we can have another matchup in November! :lol: :lol: :lol:

things are starting to unravel... Henry has a history of that... I'm watching the game against Winnipeg and Burris should be ashamed... why couldn't we get a more consistent quarterback? This game is brutal... thank goodness the Eskimoes self destructed

Just watching the Winnipeg game right now.... Why couldn't we have gotten a few calls...? The reffing is horrible, it seems like they are out to get the Stamps.

Zebras are stinking the place out tonight.. and burris isn't far behind... we should trade him before other teams find out how really worthless he is... put in McManus

go stamps?

Take burris out, take burris out, take burris out, take burris out, take burris out....