They Fired The Wrong Guy!

Coach PaoPao should have got the Hook! That playcalling was, at times, just plain STUPID!

Lancaster and Co. will look at the tapes and hopefully will make a change!

We gave another win away! :thdn: :thdn:

and who would you like to put in @ Offensive Co-ordinator 5 games into the season

Yeah right, what the hell did Marshall ever do that was so great. The play calling was great tonight, obviously a few weird calls, but overal they moved the ball up and down the field against the leagues best D.

You asked?????


I'd have put him up in the booth and let PaoPao go home....OH Yea...Too Late!

OH right you are...And it's those WEIRD CALLS that cost us the game...Like the goal-line stand at the end of the 3rd. ( or was it the 1st play of the 4th Q.) do what works...what has been moving the don't stop when you get to the goal line!

And what would Marshall have done? All he knows how to do is run the football. Is that going to get you 40+ points against Montreal?

I think it was a great game by the cats, and against any other team in the league it would have been a satisfying win...some real improvement anyway.

We could have several different threads pertaining to those remarks...too late to discuss Marshall :frowning:

Fact is...we didn't win another winable game!

We have a good team and they are not being used properly!

Pull this thread back up in a couple of months...we will see 8)

ya gotta run the ball. this is horrible.

woody: Using What Playbook.

Yeah 38 points is brutal.

Certainly not PaoPao’s

Bingo. Blaming the OC on a night that they scored 38 points against one of the best defences, not to mention almost doubling the season total points scored against Montreal in the second half is just plain dumb.

yeah 14 came by our defence. thank you.
you need to establish a balanced offence because then maybe the john jenkin like flee flicker calls will actually work.

How many points did we score as a result of our "D"?
Go ahead...Discuss away!

so if you are not going to use Paopao's Offense then you would have to learn a new offence in a week. Not Likely

FYI - our defence scored as many TDs as our offence

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? you're kidding right?

It's the playcalling...the timing...most plays in football are all basic!

Nothing that Montreal did tonight was anything that hasn't already been seen!

These guys are pros who execute as the OC sends in the plays!

be thankful we got two talents in vaughn and holmes because a couple of stupid plays they made look good.
eg. maas int tonight similar to the same as vaughn last week in which terry with his hustle avoided a 5 yd lost and beat 2 tackles for a 1st down

To give some credit, the offence did develop some blitz beating plays that were non-existant before. Improved, maybe. Enough? of course not. That inside shovel pass on the 5 yd line, and then settling for 3 pts (made it 31-30 Als) in my opinion was the turning point of the game. It was a lost opportunity to seize the momentum for good. Also, not dropping passes tonight like in the past games can improve an offence quickly.