They Finaly Got The Ticket Packages Right

Bravo Staff of The Ticats !!!

You Finally got The Ticket Packages Right...

The Tickets are Perfect this year with Tearaway and Scan Area at Bottom
Keep the ticket in 1 Peace after it used ..
I Been asking for this for years Finally you Listened.. :thup:

The 2010 Coupons in Book Thank you Much Better :thup:
I have don't all this lose Paper in my Package
That End up in a Landfill cause I threw it out.
I am Thrilled !! :thup: :thup: !

You Finally Got it Right :thup: :thup: :thup:

I too was extremely impressed with the ticket packages this year.Loving all the sweet deals in the booklet too :slight_smile:

I use a blue box.

Cap'n. Ah yes.... but the more landfill you have in the area the more options there are for a stadium site! :slight_smile:

Yes but there is only 1 Blue box per House in Burlington
I am in Basement of House with Nice big back Yard for Isis.
The Upstairs Part of House get the Blue Box.
So I use the Trash before this season for the Flyers.

I'm sure the new ticket packages will be forgotten soon when the focus switches to having to pay for parking at Mac. :slight_smile:

I asked about this but no one has got back to me
Lucky for me Parking is not an Issie
I Get Rides in and Out from Friends or Catch the bus into Camp and From Camp

the city will give you a free one...

I Called the City Of Burlington the Said it one per House.

Don't recycle paper because it's a waste of time..........the more paper that is recycled, the less trees they plant in the rapid growth factory forests.

Recycling paper does nothing for the's plastics we should all be concerned about and we can start be banning all disposable water bottles.......or at least put a 10 cent deposit on all plastic water bottles

You're responding to me as if I was serious..

Yup, as said, kudos to the package, received it today in the mail, couldn't get to the pickup party unfortunately.

Nice job TigerCats! :thup: :thup:

Where abouts do you catch the bus to and from the camp?

Take the B line (10) King (1A) University (51)to Mac and walk in

OK thanks, any idea what date camp starts and the times? :rockin: GO CATS GO