They Can't Find a Field Goal Kicker

And as you can tell, it's getting on my nerves. The FG kickers they've had in Hamilton are all very suspect. The only one who was ever any good was #3. Medlock left us so I don't even count him as an alumni. Who can forget Jamie Boreham and that wild safari? You can't keep losing games because your field goal kicker misses kicks which should win you the game if made. Seth Small will break your heart. You can't miss. You have one job. You can't miss. Misses are coach killers that magnify their mistakes. If Small makes one field goal nobody is talking about the failed 3rd and 7 gamble which was one of the most horrific coaching calls I've seen in Hamilton. Even more astonishing than some of the dumb things June Jones did and the way he lost games near the end. Whoever this talent scout is, the scout is doing a horrible job on Special Teams. You can't miss field goals and expect much respect from around the league and in the stands. They need to address it and they need to fix it. Bob has the money. Go out and get it. This is simply not good enough. It's Bob's team and the buck stops with him. All these close losses are on him.

Since Medlock we have had excellent kicking actually.

Lirim 85%+ two years in a row
Sergio Castillo 85%+
Seth Small 87%
Brett Maher 82%

This has not been a big problem other than last season.


Well, statistics can show snippet of but not the whole picture. Percentages are useful for deciding whether to take a gamble on someone or not but they can never guarantee you a winner who hits the important ones. All those guys you list, I recall missing big kicks to cost them games. Lirim especially.

So what are you expectations? An entire season of 100% accuracy from inside the 55 yard line?

I'm not sure we can find this "perfect" kicker. Even the top kicker in the league is only at 91% right now.


So the obvious answer is to have Bob kick FG's! :thinking:


I hate to burst your bubble, but Seth Small seems to be a pretty darned good kicker.
I agree about the Boreham years, and the catastrophe since Lirim left, but Small is a keeper - at least for now.
Domagala, however, is a crap punter and shouldn't have the honour of wearing our uniform.

He has the lowest avg punt distance but is a 4 yard difference from first to last enough to say he’s crap. What other CANADIAN is available to take his place. Ratio matters with respect to player selection.


How many kicks/punts has has he had OOB this year?
How many shanks?
How many low spirals with no hang time?
Avg distance is about as useful as Starting Pitcher wins when it comes to punting.
Net difference, hang-time, directional punting, punts inside the 30, 20, 10 - ALL are far more important than average distance in my books...


It has to get better. You can't leave points on the ground. Now they'll need to take 2 from Argos and leapfrog Montreal in standings because messing around with the Crossover is quicksand for the East right now and expect it to remain this way.

My expectations are winning and it's hard to do if you're not near perfect. If you lose by less than the field goal you missed then you need to be accountable.

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Can you answer your own questions.

How many kicks/punts has has he had OOB this year? ________

How many shanks? _________

How many low spirals with no hang time?__________

How about some facts and statistics to back up you’re opinion.

Would certainly help in this discussion.


I’d say a 51 yarder to put the team ahead in the last minute of the game is pretty damn clutch.

And there’s no way you can claim that had he made the one he missed the Ticats would have won the game. The game would have played out completely differently from that point forward. Most obviously, Montreal would not have kicked a last second field goal to cut into the lead but still lose. That certain;y wouldn’t have been the only change.


You know who has good punting? The Argos. Bede keeps that team in games. If that's the measure, then Domagala is coming up short.

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But to repeat a constant theme , Bede missed a game winning kick . I was so upset . :laughing:


Using that criteria , would Pete Carroll still be the coach of the Seahawks . It was he who lost the Super Bowl with his goal line pass call . Fortunately , Seattle management doesn't expect perfection from imperfect people . At age 70 , he's still going strong .

Its all the exercise he gets from chewing gum.

I'll bet twenty years from now Orlondo is coaching football in the CFL or US college.

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He has now packed almost enough people below him to become bulletproof
Like Scott Mitchell

I'll bet you that in twenty years from now the majority of the current posters on here will be six feet under . I'll also bet you that the Cats will still be looking for that elusive Grey Cup to end their drought . Finally in the NHL the Maple Leafs will be celebrating their 75th year anniversary of their last Stanley Cup victory . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If we keep finding ways to lose these games in the 2nd half,
I may not make it thru this season! :broken_heart: