They booed Paul Martin!

That was pretty funny.

Nice to see you Canadians are like us Americans! Always boo politicians!! they have too much power as it is. :wink:

Lets keep politics out of the CFL

Lets keep politics out of the CFL

lord help us, when the george bush-wanna-be conservative party ( stephen harper ) takes over...that'll be some loud BOOOOing

....not in the west buddy, and lets just keep politics out of our sport for today.....

i didnt make this thread, did i? you did not........ the second comment wasn't directed solely at you........

then u shoulda used a period, not a comma!


Hey Red knowing Martin he probably kept the coin and gave it to one of his friends ha ha ha ha

Martin for Prime Minister.
He's gonna take it again.

at least PAUL is a CFL fan

im voting for him...better than the devil, stephen harper...i like layton, tho he has no chance., what did we say about politics??? it for another day.......

Anyone >>>>>> Harper

Oops, I forgot no politics! :lol:

PAUL, IS A CFL fan.........loll....


That is funny!


anyone going to a RoughRider practice is a fan ....:wink: