They better beat the ARGOS twice now

i think both the 2knd half of the SASK game and the first 3 quarters of this game showed that thsi team is getting better ...I did see improvemnets in play calling with long passes to bruce and presche and also more running plays to Cobb . I did not liek the pass rush , linecaking play and overall sloppy tackling and pass coverage seemed Ray alwasy was making completions ..must have thrown for 80 %

Bradley had a sloppy game falling down at least twice and missing many tackles ..beveredge also missed alot of tackles ..i woudl nto be suprised to see gordon abck in there and maybe Barker in after the argo games ..i still see Hickman making alot of over comittment mistakes allowin the running back to get the corner ...i also see knwolton too often taken deep by a running back or slotback and opening up the outside running lanes

overall the team made some improvements and glenn was better than porter has been in any game this

8) But Lawrence Gordon did play last night !!!
  He was alternating in to his CB position on several occassions.

  He even made a great tackle on one play to hold the Edm. player to little or no gain at all  !!!!

Yup, because if the Argos win twice (a possibility - they are getting better), they will be tied with the Tiger-Cats at 4-6.

I suppose the Argos could sweep the 'Cats (anything is possible in the CFL), if that does happen, that would mean the Argos win the season series.

We should have won the past two games but came up short.

If we don't sweep Toronto, I think we will do nothing in the playoffs if we qualify.

We have to start stomping teams into the ground when we get the chance. This Ticat team is capable of doing that, but hey haven't done it consistently yet at all.

I dont know about twice (I sure hope so) but to me a laborday loss is unacceptable at this point.


The 13th man is going to be intense, losing would not be a good idea. 3 game losing streak + a loss to an eastern rival + even lower morale heading into T.O.
IMO labour day is a must win.

As long as we play the way we did in Edmonton and don’t throw INTs and we catch a couple more balls, we will be fine.

The Argos offense didn’t exactly light it up against Calgary and even in the second half they weren’t that great. Calgary doesn’t have that great of a defense.

The Argo defense can be beat.

I wouldn’t say that this is a must win but now is the time to rack up wins against less than stellar teams, secure a playoff spot and if we have any injured players, let them rest for the playoffs.

We have 5 games left against Toronto and Winnipeg. We should win 4 of them.