They Are Rebuilding

What seems to get ignored by some fans is that this team is rebuilding. Half the starters were not wearing black and gold last year. Two games of exhibition is not enough to bring the team together. There is simply too much talent out there for a long losing streak.

Here’s my synopsis of the Tiger Cats in recent years:

2003: 1&17, receivership, purchased by Bob
2004: 9&8, overachieved, no off-season moves
2005: 5&13, reality, signficant off-season moves
2006: 0&3 start, some areas of concern, others show promise

We’re not talking about the Edmonton Eskimos here. We nearly lost the entire franchise only a few years ago. The team wasn’t very good last year so management made signficant changes to the roster. Give them a chance to come together and I’m sure we’ll all have lots to cheer about real soon.

I stand behind my prediction of a Grey Cup victory in the blue team’s house next year. In fact, I’m buying tickets to see it in person. Hopefully many of you will be there too. What a party that’ll be, eh?

Losing is for losers.
0-3 is no fluke.
Do you really see the team playing any better this year than 2 years ago?
How many defensive changes were really made?

What I do enjoy as an improvement is the athletes that we have covering kicks for us.
We do have the ability to lead the league in cover teams. Small thing maybe, but fun to watch!

If the team is not starting to improve somewhat(or significantly) after two more games then it is time for some concern. The cat's may start this season 0-5, or 0-4, but after this I see them winning 8 or 9 of their next ten games if they get things together. And toronto is as equally screwed as you guys are without Damon allen, don't worry about that last playoff spot...unless the west takes it.

It's barely noon and you've already been drinking?

An Argo fan

It's Canada Day! Plus, my team hasn't won a game this season yet. Cheers,

Has anyone considered that the defensive problems might be because of kavis reed afterall he calls the plays in . In the calgary game Jason Goss played good . that one play defensive pass interference was a joke copeland gave him a suttle shove ,which knocked him down . Tay cody played good also

Goss played an awesome game!! Kavis is a great coach!! Every game ISNT going to be PERFECT.. I dont know why so many people on here think that each and EVERY game is going to be FLAWLESS.. Because in REALITY its not going to be flawless..

The poster of this thread knows what he is talking about. I figure it will be half the season before you see this team make big strides. Just like Calgary did last year it takes at least half the season for a new offensive scheme built for Maas. I am glad we play them again in two weeks get past them before they get very good. The only weakness I see on offense is Kamu!

Hey gossfan giving up over 400yards tells me the defence didn't do a stellar job .and for kavis reed he plays a zone defence which allows calgary to move the ball . If all our defensive backs are so good then why don't we play 5yds off the line and cover man to man

Our secondary is giving up big yardage game in and game out, and I don't think it's all the players (although I think we are very weak at free safety).

We always seem to be confused with the coverages. I've never seen so many big plays completed against our secondary as I have in the last three years.

Yeah I know were're rebuilding and it's going to take some time, but I got faith the caretaker will bring us a championship team. :cowboy: :cowboy:

4 years of rebuilding? lol well then they are going to be pretty damn amazing in the next couple of seasons coming.

Most of you guys criticizing Kavis Reed probably have never even seen a defensive playbook (Madden NOT Included). The Ticats simply dont have the personel to get it done and you guys are all blaiming reed.

They will. Of course, they may never get to the level of excellence the Blue Bombers have achieved.

Enjoy the mosquitoes,


What mosquitoes?

yeah exactly, you are talking about the WHOLE defence. I was just talking about Goss mainly. I would love to see you cover man to man 5 yrds off..HA!

The Ticats simply dont have the personel to get it done and you guys are all blaiming reed.
If the 'Cats don't have the personnel to get it done then why doesn't Reed get players in who can do the job?

Yeah thats what Im wondering, But its always harder to bring in guys during the season and revamp the D. Better question is why didnt they bring in guys during the offseason rather than go after 2 RB's.

HEY gossfan I guess giving recievers 10 to 15 yards off the ball Is alright. HA I don't think you can EVEN cover your beer at the game . HA

You know, I don't recall ever hearing that the Ticats were "rebuilding" this year. As you mentioned, this team does have some talent, and too much of it for it to be losing for that much longer. I don;t considering the team to be rebuilding. It has already been built.

But if what you mean is that the team still needs to gel together, then that may be true. And perhaps, in a way, there is some rebuilding that needs to be done. It has been said that last year, the mess left over from before Bob took over the team was stil being cleaned up. Now what may be done is maintenance rather than rebuilding. It's been said many times that early on in the Bob Young era some mistakes were made, and those mistakes may need to be corrected. It was during that time that certain coaches and a certain kicker joined the team, and it is these people who are receiving the most criticism now.

Goss is one of the "BEST in the League"!

Let's not be pointing fingers at him! :roll:

In fact let's not be pointing fingers at's a team effort and let's give some credit to the opposing team...after all they are there to score! It's a simple team is trying to outscore the other! It's the team that does their job together, as a team, better than the other, that wins!

Good points, BYF. Although the team isn't using the word, "rebuilding" let's consider the offence:

  • new OC
  • new QB
  • new backfield
  • several new receivers
  • only one returning lineman

I'd say that's rebuilding or at least a major over-haul. You caught my point though, the team needs time to come together and get some momentum going.

The 9&8 season was a deception and last year's record a better reflection of where the actual talent level was at. Bringing in the number of new faces shows management wasn't happy with last year and aims for championship glory.

I'll say it again: TiCats Grey Cup Champions 2007, right in Skydome.