They are getting better

Yes the offence did'nt look good last night overall the team played better last night. Yes that loss was a killer but it was'nt for a lack of trying. Dont forget that the officiating blew the game for them.
When the kicker (Mongomery?) ran off the field that told me he knew they stole that game.
As for Marshal I would blow a gasget too with this bush league officiating and missed assignments.
I know its hard but give it time. This team will finish 9-9 and make the playoffs.

Hi greycup06:
They are NOT getting better, at least, not that anyone would yet notice.
They are being soundly beaten in most areas. (like anywhere on the field)
Mistakes have been made before and since Mr. Young took over ownership of the team, (NONE OF WHICH ARE HIS FAULT)
He needs to chase people like the head coaches and some of the backups in Montreal BC and Toronto and either buy out there contracts or wait for their current team commitments to end and then
grab them.
To have good football, you need good football minds from day one. We haven't seen this in several years.
Our coaching staff, until now is untried and/or unsuccessful in CFL play.
We need, at least a head coach who can teach players and assistant coaches alike how to win.
This would be a good team investment because it is quite clear that in this league, we are NOT going to win too many games under the current regime. If we stay with the status quo, that's exactly what we'll end up with.
Mr. Young, thanks for all you have done for us and all that you continue to do, but now comes the tough part of your job where either this year or next, you MUST
become a cold, hard business man which I'm sure you are capable of, and start severing relationships with these nice folks who are out of their respective elements at the pro level and bring in one big name coach who has some CFL success behind him.
First and foremost, a coach needs to be a teacher who has a good raport with his students.

They are getting better overall. They just have to start a few key guys (Kornegay, Gordon, Holmes and Quinnie) and continue plugging away. The breaks, which have all been against us in games 1-3, will start to go our way soon. Toronto, and particularly Winnipeg (who I think are worse than people think) aren't going to light it up any time soon. We can still get a playoff spot.

Dream on!