They are calling it the best Grey Cup ever

After almost throwing up several times in the 4th quarter they win with a bobbled TD to Jackson in OT .

It doesn't get any better than that .

It was not the best game by far...
Yes it was an entertaining game.
The field crew and the Command Centre called a clean game.
That was refreshing to say the least...
Congrats Ottawa.
Even though I am a life long Cat Fan..
It was nice to see Calgary not win this one.
I think they thought all they had to do was show-up.
Surprise... :thup: :thup:


Doesn't matter what your record is during the season or if your even considered the most dominant team........ If you can't win the game that counts then you're not the best.
The better team won on the day and in the game that counts!!
Nice, from a RIDER FAN! :cowboy:

Bo Levi says "I don't know how we didn't win". Jeeeeezzz
You didn't win because you didn't player better then Ottawa for 60 plus minutes... :roll:

Thought I'd post in the right Topic.