These Thursday games are killing me

I’m going to be a wreck at work tomorrow morning. Why can’t they have more Saturday and Sunday games?

Because they know I have to work weekends :wink:

Because when the NFL starts all their games are on sundays but one so the CFL counter acts this by try to play all their games before sunday....don't know why they don't go two friday two saturday

The schedule makers for the CFL are total quacks. They always shoot themselves in the foot as far as ratings go. They should never schedule on Sundays. The NFL is a ratings giant. They can't compete against the NHL on Saturdays in October/November, but always manage to schedule games on Saturday.

I don't mind the Friday thing, but I see what you're saying about Thursday's. People have to work usually the next day so it messes them up if they want to see a late game.

What are you talking about?
CFL ratings for Sunday games do great.
They double and triple the NFL ratins.
Don't know where you're from, but NFL ain't a ratings giant in Canada. Don't know where that myth started.
CFL does know not to go up against HNIC on a Saturday night too often.
But NFL? NBA? Baseball? They're nothing.

I agree Thursday games are bad ideas. This time of year they do not compete with hockey, or the NFL.

The games should be played on Friday, and Saturday nights, and also on Sunday afternoons; although I prefer Friday and Saturday.

I would have watched the Stamps/Esks game if it were Friday or Saturday. But I work M-F. Thursday games do not make much sense, and the stadium atmosphere is not as fun on Thursday because people aren't in party mode yet.

Thursday is like Monday Night Football but reversed, get the weekend started early like MNF keeps the weekend going. Ok, late games are hard to watch if you have to work the next day but really, I think the MNF comparision is valid, no?
For example, I had 3 beers last night watching the games instead of my customary Thursday 2? Felt like I should have had about 6 after watching my Cats win! 8)

;My guess is that they do the Thursday thing hard in the early going because it is summer. In this country that means going to the lake (at least around here), and lots of people don't have tv's at the lake, or they are boating and all that stuff. They are just trying to get the highest ratings they can.

Personally I believe that there are so many Thursday night games so the CFL can accomodate TSN. They have so much programming on the weekends that they would not be able to fit all the games in and could not have a monopoly over the CFL. Isn't it great having only one network for the games? You get the big contract from TSN but loose walk up sales.

If I were a betting person, Id wager that you are right! :wink:

Im not watching tv during the summer on Sat/ Sun afternoons or Sat night we only have a small summer season here in BC. Thursday nights are awesome love it kicks the weekend off early.

I'm all about football Fridays!!!!

I can't stand these late Thursday night games and it appears many other fans can't either. I am a die hard Esks fan; but having to wake up at 4:45 to get to work the next day sure doesn't feel good when you don't get home until 12:30 or 1:00. The league should seriously address this situation next season and limit the number of Thursday games. The Esks only had 32,000 show up to their home opener, one of the lowest attendances in the past 3 or 4 years.

"These Thursday games are killing me" "DiTTo".

Try watching both of 'em on a 19" computer screen... over an internet stream... in the east. Thank God I can pretty much mail it in on Fridays.

I do 4 10s and when we set up the new schedules at my work 4-5 years ago, I had only 2 demands. I don’t work Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and I get any Sunday playoff games off. I like Thursday night games. :slight_smile:

yah I don't like it. Working on Friday really screws the whole idea of thursday. I am missing at least 2 games here in Edmonton because of the Late thursday starts!

takes an hour to get home, so I'd not be in bed till 12:15 or so.. and that's not good.

they should have double header Friday and Saturdays..

enough of the Thursdays..

or start the games earlier.

2 games on Thursday and zero on Saturday = STUPID

I vote for 1 game Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday

I would say they will lose more fans to the lake and outside activities if they do the games on Saturday than if they do them on Thursday. It is all about the money and if the league felt it would get better walk-ups on Saturdays or Sundays during the summer that's when they would have the games.

The Esks had their lowest season-opener turnout in years because they have sucked for two years. Not because of the late start time. And I bet the fans in BC enjoy having games on during their prime-time as opposed to having to watch all the games at 4 pm or perhaps 10 or 11 am on Saturdays or Sundays.