These posts are sad, but understandable

It really is sad coming to the TC forum and only reading post after post about how poorly the team is playing. It would be incredibly nice to read posts on players doing the unexpected (in a good way) but there aren't any. Now to those who state that all there is is complaining on this forum, well can you blame the fans? It is very hard to cheer when the bar is never raised and the players do not perform to professional levels (did anyone else think the Cats looked like a high school team on Sunday?). So the fans blow off steam and call out the players who are not performing, maybe something the team should be doing too. But I will make one good observation:

Charbonneau: Yes he went offside twice but on the good side he does look like he is going to be a very dependable receiver in the future, a go to guy, he just isn't there yet.


I liked what little we saw of him last year, and thought he played quite well against Edmonton, other than the offsides.

There is only about 100 people that visit this forum regularly, all the others have been turned off by what you have said above, these people continue to bash and berate fans until they get sick and tired. I don't blame them! it's really sad to come on here and all you resc is negative threads ! I honestly don't know why I come on hear either, it's pathetic at Times and makes me wanna puke !! :x

agreed as well.

and while not widely publicized, SCC was also the Cats leading receiver this past week.
The off-sides are inherently a lack of focus that can be rectified with added playing time.

I agree with you, some of the posts are over the top, last week seemed to be really bad. I wasn't intending to post at all this week as I was pretty glum over our beloved Cats play, but I couldn't stay away so I tried to be more the diplomat and upper.