These players know the feeling

The recent article in the Spec which tells us of how Otis Floyd and Kevin Glenn are children of Detroit Auto workers and have purchased 700 plus tickets for the Steel Workers members who are out of work can come to the game....well this story hit a soft spot for me.

My Dad worked in a Hamilton factory and for 22 years found enough pennies to purchase his season tickets for his beloved Cats. I now know that this could not have been easy...raising 3 of us...and surviving strikes and tough times...the Cats were his excape and his pride. Labour Day was expecially important..the hated Argos in his mind were managment and theTicats Labour...the game was more than a game it was a part of his struggle...

Thank you Otis and Kevin for remembering the struggle and the pride of your communities and making this gesture in your adpoted one...My son and I will be cheering you on...and so will the SteelWorkers that you helped out....Eat em Raw

Great guy's for sure, wasn't Bruce in something like this too? Think it was kid's or something but I may be mistaken. Gonna be amazing with a sold out IWS chanting Argo's suck :smiley:

Bruce is bringing a group from the Kiwanis boys and girls club.

I think this is a wonderful thing for them to do. I have so much respect for this type of community spirit and consideration.

We have a great group of guys who really give back to the community and I'm proud to have them on our team.