These guys can't beat anybody good

The Esks haven’t beat a team with a winning record this year. I’m not all that impressed with Trevor Harris, he’s just like he was in Ottawa, can’t win the big one. All the yards in the world don’t mean squat if you don’t put it in the endzone. >:(

I turned it off in disgust once Winnipeg scored its last touchdown. I guess somehow Edmonton scored finally a touchdown in garbage time?

Anyway, this reminds me of that team we had with Steven Jyles as QB.

Only now the defence is falling apart though strong initially, and the offence is loaded with far more talent than that one yet has decided to just go for those field goals so as to save their best for after the game. ::slight_smile:

This is maddening! :o

It seems like we’ve got a bunch of guys padding their personal stats, sacks, catches, completions, etc. Like the playground bully beating up on the weak kids but when the going gets tough they’re nowhere to be found. The maddening part of this is that they’ve been beaten by 2 backup QBs. I don’t think that’s gonna change in the next 2 or 3 weeks. They could they 6 and 7 by the middle of September.

The Esks need to silence their naysayers by taking two from the Stampeders in the next couple of weeks.

Well, another huge choke by the Eskimos!

Wow just when you think that it might not be as bad as during the Jyles’ season, even with Harris and receiving talent it sure is worse!

Not even special teams are stepping up enough but for those field goals.

Speaking as a Ticat fan, if Maas can’t get the Esks to break through this year after Sunderland broke the bank on free agents to get you over the top, Maas will be replaced at year’s end.

Cut him loose now why waste time rebuilding for next season?

Also go figure there is still a chance for crossover to limp into the playoffs and play on the road against likely Hamilton. I like your team’s chances of course.

All the money Sunderland spent in the off season and the Esks are in no better shape than were last year at this time. IMO Harris is not the answer at QB, the defense can’t stop 2nd and long, penalty after penalty , etc, etc. I was a big fan of Jason Maas the player, as a coach, not so much.

Woh there woh woh - I don’t agree on your view on Harris, but no doubt improve the backup to keep him on his game or trade him or bench him.

To me Harris can’t win the big games. Even in his time in Ottawa he struggled against good teams. Last year in the Grey Cup game he didn’t play well.

But in his defense, he did forget to bring his skates to that game.

I think that the guy on the other team played on the same field, and unlike Harris, he got it done.

What an absolutely putrid display! This team has quit on each other and quit on their coach and after over 30 yrs. as a season ticket holder I feel like quitting on them! >:(

I also got the impression that the team quit, but only after the pass that was intercepted after it was deflected by DaVaris Daniels with just over six minutes to play in the fourth quarter. Still, that’s bad. I would have expected some effort in the last few minutes to salvage a measure of respectability on the scoreboard.


Well, Saturday’s game against the Riders will probably tell us how far the Esks will go in the playoffs. Hopefully they can get a strong performance in all 3 phases of the game.

Well it’s certainly high time the Esks showed something and beat a contender.


Just got home from the game and I got my answer, same old, same old. Too many penalties, a defense that can’t stop second and long, and a quarterback that can’t get it done. I’m glad the season is just about over. Maybe watch a little NFL playoffs and see what the XFL looks like.

It was the Defence today that simply wilted in the face of the Roughriders passing attack in the second half of the game. And letting the Roughriders pass their way down the field from their own six at the end of the game was cringe inducing and infuriating.

If you’re that much of a masochist, let’s just say I’ll keep my suggestions to myself.


This was inexplicable and infuriating. Maas and the entire coaching staff need to go. And except for at defensive tackle, that entire defense needs an overhaul! Stay loaded at tackle and jettison the rest and rebuild anew, for that’s not a pro-level defense as a team irrespective of the individual talent or not.