these boards........(*&%^%%&*)

just wondering if these boards are as addicting to everyone else as me. just started posting and at times it can be maddening i seem to keep coming back for more!!!!!!!!!

more more more

uno mas!

uno mas!

Yes, addictive for sure, I never thought I would be addictive to a discussion forum but I seem to be.

They're fun!

Wait till you get someone stalking your every the real fun begins as you find creative ways to "outwit" them and make them look like an ass....

......zing! :smiley: :lol:

It's like "Survivor" in here at times....


lol thats halarious.

Nobody ever stalks my posts. :frowning:

I'll gladly "rent" one out to you that's been clinging to me....FREE OF CHARGE!

no returns though.... :lol:

I've been wondering about that...

-Was it a bad break-up?
-Is this person your evil twin?
-Did you run over his/her cat?

I mean, there's dislike, there's disdain, and then there's obsession. I think I'll turn down the offer of the rental. Sorry 'bout that.

i would have to agree my wife gets P.O.ed at me when i am on to long and I only signed up 2 days ago

Dang!..oh well, there’s always the flea market…lol…

Actually it’s becoming quite fun as it’s sharpening up my “wit”…no sense even getting mad anymore as it’s been going on for almost 2 years…“Zontar/Onemoredork” is almost like family now… :lol:

anyways, enough about that…back to the “Tiger-Cats”…Oskee Wee Wee!

It's so true!! Maybe it's because I used to spend time at home talking the game to people who didn't give a shit, and now people listen and respond.. definatly addicting.

I really enjoyed reading the posts until some people started to get on my pal McMahon. If they only knew. :cry: