These are the playoffs folks for crying out loud

Well once again our Aloutettes have made it to the playoffs, going strait to the eastern finals. Most of us did not beleive in our team to make it in the first place. They are not perfect but once again they have managed to make it there. The Calvillos, Cahoons, Chius, Cobournes and others will not be there forever and someday we will remember these guys with nostalgia. I for one am proud to what our team has achieved this year, especially the way Anthony Calvillo has again carried this offense on his shoulder and made it so successfull, so many people in Mtl would have traded him... These guys have made me proud to be a Quebecer and especially to be an Als fan. A lot of westerners say that we are only there to supply an opponent to the westerner champion, well to hell with them, we will show them what our team and our fans can do.

I Love these guys, I love this team

Als have proved the pundits wrong this year without a doubt. That’s why the games are played on the field. Trestman has done great in his first year. Hoping for a dandy to watch this weekend.

Yep...they are still be criticized to no end by so many and yet who had them finishing 1st in the East this year? Not many.

I'm talking about prior to the season starting. I didn't hear many people putting them above 3rd. Some even had them in the East basement.

As far as Edmonton representing the East in the Grey Cup, I guess we'll have to wait and see. :wink:

That was the Quebec Nordiques. What you just said, is like saying you hate everything about Toronto (Argos, Leafs, Jays, Senators, ect)

Hey I knew I was right to be positive for this game, and what a game, things looked pretty low till half way through 2nd quarter, thanks to our D for keeping us in the game. The AC and the O boys started running on all cylinders, that was something else to see !!! The crowd was also great, all 38100 of them. But that is not enough because next sunday, we are going to have some horse for supper :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

GO ALS GO !!!!

what does what i said about montreal have to do with toronto (or ontario) leafs , jays etc.........although i hate then too ha ha ha ha